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Fairy Tale Queez

1. In "The Ugly Duckling", what does the ugly young bird grow to

2. In the story of "Cinderella", who does Cinderella eventually

3. Which author wrote the stories "The Tinder Box" and "The
Princess and the Pea"?

4. In "Jack and the Beanstalk", what did Jack exchange for some
magic beans?

5. Name the Seven Dwarfs in Walt Disney's 1937 film "Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs".

6. Which composer wrote the music for the ballet "The Sleeping
Beauty", first produced in St Petersburg in 1890?

7. Which puppet was the hero of a story written in the 1880s by
Carlo Collodi?

8. Which fantasy written by Charles Kingsley in the 1860s had the
sub-title "A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby"?

9. From which European country does "Beauty and the Beast"

10. The Brothers Grimm were famous as collectors of folk tales.
What were their first names?

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