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the bomb

Rum,vodka,gin,triple sec, midori, sour mix, ice, mason jar.
Where the fuck is the Bush coalition looking for WMD when I need them?
I'm going to end up packing a herring and three hats for my trip... god damn Fat Tuesday specials!

In other news, of too the land of 10 gallon hats and bronc horns on the front of the pickup tomorrow. I think it is going to be an adventure indeed. I have to remember to get hot peppers for my bro (who I turned down a request for Texan weed on), and to send Ed a postcard.

Speaking of Ed, I got him his thermistor/variostor catalouge finally (thanks to Chelle). We had dinner at The Bayou, which is where UN inspectors clearly have ever been. The manager/waitress was in a math class with Eds when she was in 8th grade, and he was in 7th. She was defintely "interested" in him... Genneine was her name - going to have to remember that too, and that Ed is not into the pear shaped womens =)

Even when they have mohawks and multiple pericings... or maybe he's just not into pears with accessories....

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