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Up to date as of 2000, have no idea what has happened since then:


Real Name: Magneto travels under the identity Magnus. Whether it's his true name or not is unknown. The closest the X-Men have come to discovering his real name is Erik Magnus Lehnsherr although it may not be his true identity.
Date of Birth: Unknown
Aliases: Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, Grey King, White King II, Michael Xavier, Erik the Red
Past Affiliations: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Hellfire Club NY, New Mutants
Current Affiliation: Ruler of Genotia
Status: Assumed dead

Part 1: Discovering his powers

Magnus was born September of 1927. Near the start of World War II, his family was deported to a concentration camp. Magnus' family was gunned down quickly and dropped into a shallow grave. Although Magnus himself was unhurt for his magnetic ability had deflected the bullets from himself, he was presumed dead and dropped in as well. But he dug himself out of the grave, and a nearby soldier sent him off to Auschwitz. There, Magnus spent the duration of the war witnessing some of the most grotesque displays of human cruelty. Upon the end of the war and the Holocaust, Magneto first discovered his powers when his daughter, Anya, was trapped in a burning building, yet a mob which had witness him use his mutant powers earlier that day, stopped him from saving her. After attacking the crowd, Magnus latter killed a couple of bandits that attacked him on the road, using his powers. For fear of his abilities, Magnus' wife, Magda, left him, and died soon after in childbirth. She left behind twins who would were raised by gypsies and grew up to become Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

Part 2: Meeting Charles Xavier
After searching unsuccessfully for his wife, Magnus decided to travel to Israel, Magnus worked at a hospital helping Holocaust survivors. There he met Charles Xavier and soon became good friends. They both used their powers to help the patients and began to share a dream of mutants and humans living together in peace. One patient by the name of Gabrielle Haller, became good friends with Xavier and Magnus, but was later kidnapped by the neo-Nazi terrorist organization HYDRA. Xavier and Magnus teamed up and using their powers, defeated the terrorist organization, lead by Baron Strucker. Shortly after defeating HYDRA, Magnus grew disgruntled with the humans' lack of tolerance for those that were different from themselves. Fearing another Holocaust, he started taking and aggressive stance towards humans, believing himself and other mutants to be superior to ordinary human beings. He stormed out of the hospital in Isreal, stating to Xavier that "Humans can't even live in peace with themselves!" After leaving, he decided that there was only one way for mutants to be safe from humans: for the mutants to rule the humans.

Part 3: Magneto is born
Magnus then went to work for the CIA, helping track down Nazi war criminals, while at the same time working for the Israeli government and turning many over to it. Magnus codenamed himself Magneto in the CIA, thus the ruler of Magnetism came known to the world for the first time. During his employment, he met a beautiful doctor named Isabelle. One night while in a hotel room, Magneto's boss, Control, along with several other men stormed the room and soon killed Isabelle. Control quickly ordered Magneto be killed as well, for they had discovered his cooperation with the Israeli government. Outraged, Magneto declared himself the mutant Magneto, a mutant superior to all homo-sapiens, and easily killed all the agents.

Part 4: Magneto Strikes
Magneto soon created the Brotherhood of Evil mutants, and it consisted of himself, Toad, Mastermind, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Magneto struck first by attacking and capturing the American missile base of Cape Citadel. There he ordered that all mankind acknowledge him as their master or else he would begin World War III. Xavier sent in the X-Men to stop him. Lead by Cyclops, and backed by Wolverine and Storm, the X-Men attacked Magneto, but were easily knocked unconscious. When they arrose, the missiles were being launched, and Magneto might have succeeded if it wasn't for Storm who knocked the missiles into the ocean. Magneto struck again the next day at a chemical plant. He quickly succeeding in causing fear and chaos within the plant by destroying many containers and pipes that contained many dangerous chemicals. Soon, the X-Men arrived lead once again by Cyclops, and backed by Wolverine, Storm, and Rogue. Magneto quickly defeated them, and was on the brink of killing them when Prof. Charles Xavier appeared. Magneto offered Xavier one last chance to join his cause, but after he declined, he moved to kill him. With Magneto about to blast him, Xavier entered Magneto's mind and forced him to remember the war and all the suffering he had felt during it. In a desperate attempt to get away from the memories, Magneto blasted a hole in the plant's wall and flew away. Since then, the X-Men had many battles with Magneto.

Part 5: Magneto's Bermuda Island and the Savage Land
During his "conquest" of the world, Magneto was captured by an alien called The Stranger along with Toad. He escaped back to Earth and battled the X-Men again, but this time, Xavier called The Stranger back and Magneto was soon recaptured by the alien. Once again Magneto escaped The Stranger along with Toad and they returned to Earth. Upon returning to Earth, Magneto built his next base on an island within the Bermuda Triangle. But, Magneto became distracted with thoughts of regaining control of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who had by now joined the mutant superhero group the Avengers. Once again Magneto challenged the X-Men, but through their combined efforts with the Avengers, they were able to defeat him, but Magneto escaped once again. In the Savage Land, a place that exists in the Cretaceous state right below Antarctica, Magneto constructed his new base of actions. He kidnapped the swamp-dwellers (early humans) and using his magnetic powers, mutated them and forced him to becoming his slaves. He soon gained the title of The "Creator" among them. Once the X-Men learned of his actions, they attacked his citadel in the Savage Land which collapsed on top of him.

Part 6: The Fantastic Four
Once again, the X-Men left believing Magneto to be defeated, but he was not. After they left, Magneto crawled out from under the wreckage and made his way to the coast where he collapsed. Later, he was found by Prince Namor, who ruled the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. His next plot was an attempt to capture Sue Richards, the Invible Woman from the Fantastic Four. But her husband, Reed Richards, used a device that made Magneto's own powers work against himself, and in fact, captured himself with his own powers. The Fantastic Four then placed him in "non-magnetic prison cell" which kept him from escaping with an "anti-magnetic force field". However, Magneto escaped once again. Magneto then embarked on a plan to mutate all the non-mutant humans in the world, and nearly succeeded in killing all of the non-mutant humans using nuclear energy to power his "universe machine." However, Magneto failed once again and detonated the nuclear engery container in an attempt to kill himself.

Part 7: Infant Mutants
Magneto once again survived and afterwards, attacked the X-Mansion and beat off Charles Xavier and the Young X-Men. Quickly, the Avengers came to their aid and were captured by Magneto, only to over through him and imprison him deep underground in an energy-globe. However, Magneto escaped once again when a comet approached the Earth and caused a shift in the globe just enough for Magneto to use his powers to escape. Magneto struck next at the United Nations building, by lifting it high into the air. Using a mutant Magneto had created himself, Mutant Alpha, he once again attempted to conquer the world. But Mutant Alpha evolved at an accelerated rate, and instead of helping Magneto rule the world, it turned on him and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. And it decided to give them a second chance, reducing all of the Brotherhood to the age of six-month old babies. Xavier took the infant mutants to Muir Island, and were entrusted to the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Xavier planned to make all the, now baby mutants into mutants that would work for the good of all. But an alien from the Shi'ar empire, Davan Shakari, restored Magneto to his prime, and all his memories. Under Shakari's influence, Magneto attacked the X-Men once again. Magneto soon created an extensive base in Antarctica under a volcano, and proceeded to track down the current team of X-Men. He found out that they had been captured by Mesmero, but soon stole them for himself. He put all them into chairs, which negated their powers and reduced them all to six-month old babies. He then left a robot named Nanny to care for them, but Storm managed to lead the X-Men to an escape which left his base destroyed.

Part 8: Asteroid M
Magneto then retreated to Asteroid M, that he had put in a stationary orbit above Anya's grave. There he took time to think about his actions, and his beliefs. When Magneto came back, he lifted his island in the Bermuda Triangle out of the sea and ordered all of earth to give up their nuclear weapons and let himself rule to bring peace to all. Once again Xavier sent in the X-Men to battle him, and at one point, Magneto nearly killed the young, mutant, Jewish girl, Shadowcat. He immediately retreated back to Asteroid M, and Magneto seriously questioned his beliefs and decided to stop his actions to rule the world. While he was at the asteroid, another alien who had ran away from their own species, outcast as a "mutant," crashed into Magneto's asteroid, and sent it plummeting to the Earth.

Part 9: A New Love
Near death, Magneto was pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean by the fisherman Lee Forrester. Shortly after, he announced that he was changing his ways. Magneto had fallen in love with a non-mutant woman named Aleytys Forrester, who had saved him from being killed by the alien Beyonder. Later they broke up, and Aleytys' current whereabouts are unknown.

Part 10: Magneto's Attempt to become a Superhero
Magneto turned himself over to the World Court, to be tried for crimes against humanity. His lawyer was none other than Gabrielle Haller, the man Magnus and Xavier had saved so many years ago. Magneto would have been found guilty, had it not been for the intervention of the sibling-twins of Baron Strucker, Fenris and Andrea, who attempted to kill Magneto, Xavier, and Gabrielle Haller. The courthouse was destroyed, and Magneto and Xavier were left alone as Xavier's body began to deteriorate. Corsair and Xavier's love Lilandra came through a Stargate to bring Xavier back to the Starjammer (Cosiar's ship), where Shi'ar technology would heal him. Then, Xavier made Magneto promise to protect their dream, and asked that he would take over as Headmaster of the School for Gifted Youngsters. So, Magneto became to headmaster of Xavier's school for a while. The X-Men were independent of Magneto, however he was able to supervise the New Mutants, and after a while he applied for and was accepted as the White King of the Hellfire Club. With the passing of the "Mutant Registration Act," Magneto once again returned to his old ways.

Part 11: Return to the Savage Land and Cortez
In the Savage Land, Zaladane had taken over. There, Magneto, Rouge, Ka-Zar (the ruler of the Savage Land), and S.H.I.E.L.D. teamed up to defeat Zaladane. Zaldane captured Magneto and nearly killed him by stealing his powers for herself, but he was rescued by Rouge and Ka-Zar, and later killed Zaldane against Rogue's wishes. Magneto then briefly became associated with the Acts of Vengeance and there he built an even better Asteroid M. Once again Magneto retreated to the asteroid base to be alone. One day, a mutant named Fabian Cortez came to Asteroid M with a group of escaped mutant prisoners who came to be ruled under Magneto, and were later called the Acolytes. While Magneto attempted to dismiss them, Cortez manipulated him and increasing Magneto's powers, he made Magneto dependent on him. Cortez manipulated him as to start conflicts once again with the X-Men and cause ignominy in the world opinion.

Part 12: Cortez's Deciet
During this event, Magneto learned that while during his "second infancy," Moria had altered his genetic code in an attempt to make him able to cope with his powers more easily. Believing that it had been an attempt by Xavier to control him using Xavier's powers, Magneto captured Xavier and Moria, and forced him to perform the same operation on the X-Men, who had been captured and brought to Asteroid M by Acolytes. But Moria only gave the X-Men a superficial change that would only allow them to be mind controlled until they used their powers. The battle that followed left Magneto severely injured, and when Cortez pretended to heal him, he only amplified Magneto's powers even further to hide his injuries. When the former Soviet Union fired a pulse cannon towards Magneto's space station in an attempt to kill Magneto and the mutants aboard it, Cortez tried to set off some nuclear missiles on the asteroid in retaliation. Magneto used his powers to prevent the station from blowing up and allowed the X-Men to escape, yet could not prevent the asteroid from falling to Earth, and the Acolytes were killed, yet Magneto himself survived again. Once again Magneto returned to Antarctica and went into isolation.

Part 13: Avalon
Magneto came with a new dream, to create a mutant homeland in space aboard a spaceship which used to be Cable's called Greymalkin. At the funeral of Illyana Rasputin, who had died of the Legacy Virus, Magneto asked the assembled mutants to accompany him back to space to his mutant homeland of Acolytes, and among the mutants to come was Illyana's brother, Colossus. Soon after, world leaders on Earth initiated the "Magneto Protocols" which were global electromagnetic shields to render Magneto's powers useless on earth. Magneto retaliated with an electromagnetic pulse to disable all the electronic devices on Earth. The X-Men soon assaulted Magneto on Avalon. During the battle, Wolverine severely injured Magneto and he retaliated by pulling all the adamantium out of Wolverine's skeleton, leaving him near death. Xavier reacted to the attack on Wolverine by shutting down Magneto's mind, causing him to become a human vegetable. In space, Acolytes retrieved a cocoon from space that was home to the mutant Holocaust. Holocaust then fought Exodus and destroyed Avalon, plummeting the spaceship to Earth. Magneto survived again with Colossus' help. After the fall of Avalon, Magneto was believed to be Joseph.

Part 14: Joseph
After hiding for a while, Magneto soon resurfaced and sent another electomagnetic pulse around the globe. Astra, a former Brotherhood member, returned and Joseph, a clone Astra had made of Magneto, attacked him while he was controling the magnetosphere. When the X-Men intervened, it left the clone to control the magnetosphere, which had nearly turned Magneto into pure electromagnetic energy. Magneto was briefly beaten and the clone killed. Before the battle resumed, a U.N. ship landed in the Arctic Circle, and offered Magneto rule over the island nation of Genosha in return that he pledged to never open hostile aggressions towards the nations of the world again, and Magneto agreed. After the days stressful events, Magneto found himself unable to use his powers, exasperated from their extensive use.

Part 15: Magneto, Ruler of Genotia
Magneto soon set about transforming the country into some of its former perstige, and succeeded in changing the standard of humans bigoted against mutants, to mutants bigoted against humans. Magneto was opposed by the son of Genegineer, as well as Quicksilver and Rogue. Magneto defeated the rebel forces, Rogue left, but he was able to convince Quicksilver to stay as minister in the cabinet. Later, Magneto was captured by Apocalypse along with many X-Men and used as a part of a machine which channeled the power of The Twelve into the Apocalypse. Magneto's inability to use his powers soon short circuited the machine, and in the following fight, he discovered that he could use Polaris' powers and use them as if they were his own. Once Apocalypse was defeated, Magneto returned to Genosha with Polaris, and began teaching her to expand her powers and how to control them. Magneto set about restricting the liberties of the non-mutant humans and soon Carrion Cove started a rebellion for they felt that Magneto must never be allowed to use the genetic manipulation chambers, which could allow Magneto to regain all of his lost powers. Although he was opposed by the U.N., Rogue, Acolytes, Cortez, and the Avengers, Magneto made it into the chamber and healed his body, causing him to become even more powerful than before.

Final Part: Magneto's End?
When Colossus sacrificed himself to cure the legacy virus, Magneto found that he had many healthy followers instead of sick and dying. He quickly declared war on humanity once again, and kidnapped Charles Xavier to use as an object to rally his subjects. A new group of X-Men lead by Phoenix along with Cyclops and Wolverine were successful in freeing Xavier. As they were leaving, Magneto tolled them that they wouldn't win because they refuse to do what's necessary to get ensure that they won. Wolverine retaliated by stabbing Magneto in the chest. Magneto is presumed dead, but as we all know, the Master of Magnetism is not so easily killed...

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