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chambers of vocab....

Rememember that game for the mac? Oh I do - lots and lots of fun...

1. Postprandial means: (a) occurring after a meal; (b) occurring
after a surgical operation; or (c) occurring after meeting the

2. Theorbo is: (a) an instrument for measuring the specific
gravity of liquids; (b) a kind of stomach-pump; or (c) a 17th-
century musical instrument like a large lute?

3. Xebec is: (a) a long-legged burrowing rodent related to the
guinea pig; (b) a musical instrument played by striking the
strings with hand-held hammers; or (c) a three-masted
Mediterranean sailing ship?

4. Morpheme is: (a) a basic unit of language; (b) a sedative
drug; or (c) a corrosive liquid used to etch the lines on a
printing plate?

5. Pisiform means: (a) fish-shaped; (b) pea-shaped; or (c)
resembling an ant?

6. Talaria are: (a) the filaments of blanket weed; (b) a nomadic
people of Mongolia; or (c) winged sandals as worn by the god

7. Cribriform means: (a) perforated like a sieve; (b) shaped like
a bed; or (c) constructed with a heavy timber framework?

8. Boustrophedon means: (a) a mythical creature with the head of
a lion and the body of a horse; (b) a one-sided Irish drum
played with a single stick; or (c) a method of writing in
which the lines go alternately from left to right and right to

9. Sitophobia is: (a) irrational fear of eating; (b) irrational
fear of bats; or (c) irrational fear of sitting?

10. Chichevache means: (a) the use of oriental motifs in
furniture design; (b) a beef stew originating in Normandy; or
(c) a fabulous monster that lives only on patient wives and
that was, therefore, all skin and bone?

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