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the precioussss

Joe is going to give up the coveted leather chair of antioch... it is the third most compfy chair I have ever sat in.

The first was this 18th centruy chair up in maine - now sold, unfortunaltely ::shakes fist at sky::

The second was a recliner I got from the Robinson household - 20 years broken in. I did some light repairs to it, and it became fully functional, until it met with Coleen O'Connor my sophamore year at college. Good by poor chair, hyperactive drunks should never have known ye....

This chair is going to be a project methinks - I am going to try and repair any minor wear and tear, and redo the seatcover (which, as you can see by the pic, is rather in need of it).

I guess I could always just make a cover over the cover - and stuff it with some extra padding... hmm, interesting ideas.

Anyone else have any?

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