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I wish to speak to you today about the tragedy of Europe....

Ok, so I couldn't resist the gratuitous Churchill reference.

I'm off to Maine tomorrow. For those who care, it is Princeton Maine, about as far from anything you want to be near as you can get (yet surprisingly close to Canada).

I am going on this trip with longtime comrades in arms, Ed and George (aka wangch61). The trip should be a good opportunity to relax. Unless my phone works while I am up there, I will not be updating or inputting anything, but will inundate with photos and stories on return.

There will be a large lobster boil the day after my return to civilization, which I invited grimbil and his lovely g/f to. I'm psyched they are interested in attending.

So yeah, this post was really for those of you who only know me from LJ so you don't think that my sudden lack of inane linkage or pointless quips signals my demise.

I just hope that I can keep the balance between booze and family aggression for one more year...

I’m definitely going to miss < a href=">chellez</a>... don't think I've ever taken this trip before with someone missing me as hard as I am going to miss them.

My dad is super psyched about it. I hope he learns to chill out one of these years, before and after we go. He's always fine once we are there, but the back and forth is always the problem...

At least it isn’t work, right?

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