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for all those awaiting an update on my vaca...

something to tide you over, a great freds queez

1. Born Frederick Bulsara in 1946, lead singer of Queen, died

2. American entertainer (1899-1987) who danced and sang in many
film musicals with Ginger Rogers.

3. A fictitious Stone Age man, married to Wilma and known for his
cry "Yabba-dabba-doo!"

4. Austrian-born US film director (1907-1998) whose films include
"High Noon" and "From Here to Eternity".

5. English thriller writer, born 1938, author of "The Day of the
Jackal" and "The Fourth Protocol".

6. English composer (1862-1934) who wrote "Brigg Fair" and "A
Mass of Life".

7. Born 1712, he was King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786 and
established Prussia as a European power.

8. British astronomer and cosmologist, born 1915, one of the
founders of the steady-state theory of the universe, he also
wrote science-fiction.

9. English tennis player (1909-1995), the last Briton to win the
men's singles at Wimbledon - in 1936.

10. American lyricist, born 1932, who wrote with John Kander the
musicals "Cabaret", "Chicago" and "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

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