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According to's Website the Humanzee thing is not slated to show again anytime soon. However, the name of the show is Sci-Trek, so maybe I'll just keep my eyes open and tape it again in the future. I am definitely looking forward to the next installment in the "Walking With" series Discovery does. The new one is about cavemen.

The only reliable bit of Humanzee info I could get (about the specific chimp in the show) is here. I got the link from this messageboard post.

So why would I even care about a Humanzee?

I was in Maine for a week! What else is there to do at 1am in a cabin full of snoring drunks (of which I was one several nights)?

I digress.

My trip was eventful, but not in the same way. I spend 51 weeks a year totally immersed in technology, and one week a year in the wilds of Maine where technology hasn't yet crept. While I enjoy the time away with family, the fishing/alchoholism practice/gluttony is a bit over the top for me by week's end. I will definitely contnue the tradition as time goes on, but I may curtail or at least change my involvement in it. I seem to say that every trip, but I think this year was the year that will finally spur me into action.

We drove up last Friday, making good time, and with the weather cooperating for the most part. My father, who is incredibly stressful during times of travel, did not make the trip all that relaxing, even less so when we got a flat tire on his boat trailer in the middle of Massachusetts. The flat was flipped out with the spare, and no blood was spilt. I guess I just have a very different outlook on travel than he does. If there is no hard deadline to meet, why stress? Why rush?

The fishing, overall, was spotty. I do not fish the same rig that my father has worked up over the years as his "killer lure" (which really does work), opting instead for the more lazy fishing option. I caught a couple bass, but is it really worth the $ and the trip? I dunno. The weather was uncooperative. While we only had one day of rain, we had two aside from the rain that were too windy to fish.
A man can only take so much nickel dime poker dammit!

I've been writing this lil missive all day in between busywork. Since then, grimbil posted his own Chimp links, and I stumbled across this really good webcomic. I wish I didn't have so much work to do.

Anywhoo, my trip was good overall I guess, aside from the tailwind migraine.chellez posted some pics from the lobster party we had yesterday off her journal/website. We stop at a lobster place in Bangor on the way back from Princeton every year, and get muy cheap local lobster, then have a big shindigg. I am allergic to lobster, shrimp, and scallops, so unfortunately, I don't partake. My friends seemed to have had a good time though =)

In the future, I will make a point of inviting timaeusdaspirge to things which I would not normally think him enjoying - both in terms of pasttime and food!

I have a majorly busy week coming up. Wednesday I have some hardcore moonlighting to do. Saturday I help my co-woekr, Julie move, then go to Heather's housewarming party. I need to come up wiht an inspired costume within budget that I can swing by then.

Maybe I'll just be a paper mache ganesh.

Back to the grind.

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