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Easy one

I think my Queezes may have been getting too obscure, perhaps a softball underhand lob will get people interested again...

1. Name the detective played in the "Pink Panther" films by Peter

2. Which important event occurred in San Francisco on April 18,

3. Who drew the comic strip "Peanuts"?

4. Is the game of piquet played with cards, dice or on a board?

5. What is the capital of the US state of Oklahoma?

6. Which US cargo ship was found mysteriously abandoned in the
North Atlantic in December 1872?

7. In which country was the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky

8. In the Bible, what is the third book of the Old Testament?

9. Members of which British pop group started playing together in
1987 as "On a Friday"?

10. In Arthurian legend, who was the father of King Arthur?

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