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Stolen from chellez

1. If you could transfer your "personality" into a clone, would you use it to extend your life? Assuming the whole mind/body question was answered by some sort of magic "psyche trensferrance machine" probably, yes. The idea of immortality is alluring - especially if it is under circumstances where you can choose to end it.

2. Would you change your gender if it was a "perfect" change? Nope. Women have it much tougher than guys, not interested, thanks.

3. What's worse: owning 10 slaves for life, or killing one person for no fun? I would have to say killing someone...although the "no fun" strikes me as odd. If it were a killing for revenge or in retribution for another killing (both of which I see as "no fun") then I would say the slaves are the worse choice. "Slaves for life" suggests _my_ life, they can go free when I pass away, and would be well taken care of - even given freedom in all sense but legal binding, if this scenario came to pass.

4. Is happiness appreciated more if you spend a lot of time being sad? I'd say yes. Happiness is fleeting at best, so if you live a life which has very little of it, the spots of color make a big difference.

5. What evidence do you have that we are not living in a matrix-like simulation? None, that is what makes existance so fascinating, there are no defineable boundaries which can be cited as concrete proof of reality.


1. If you could have different coloured eyes, what colour(s) would you choose and why?
Prolly red - i think it would look neat, and noone would have to touch up pictures of me ever again (in the eyes anyhow).

2. When's the last time you farted in public and how did people react? When I was in Maine, and I believe the only person there at the time (Frank) said "Wooooooow!"

3. If one US state was going to be given to Canada in trade for oil, which one should be given? The District of Colombia, but only if they were going to turn it into a parking lot.

4. Would the world be better off if all "holy sites" that are being fought over were just nuked? Nuked? No...too many environmental aftereffects - razed, absolutely. Let people worship the spiritual purposes of thier faiths, not cling to the limited physical manifestations of it. By this, I mean man-made holy need to drain the great lakes because they were once revered as the birthwaters of a goddess.

5. Would you rather be castrated and penectomized or have a sex change? Probably castrated - better to keep some of the hardware than lose all of it.


1. If you had to pledge to a religion other than your current one (if any), what would it be and why?
Probably Wicca - the inherint balance and respect of it is very calming - I don't belive enough in the ability of humans to interscede on other levels of existance anymore though for its rituals to hold any personal sway over me.

2. Would you rather have no nose or no penis? No nose, a prosthetic nose, and you can still penis...

3. What's the most fun you can have in thirty seconds?Well, they say nothing about what precurses the 30 seconds in question, so my guess would probably have to be an orgasm.

4. What is the youngest a person should be allowed to drop out of school at?
I think the idea of manditory education is a mixed blessing. I think that education should always be offered, but th idea of forcing someone to go...I don't know, I guess it just chafes me.

5. Would you like proof that ghosts exist even if it involved you being haunted in a terrifying manner?Absolutely - the discovery would be well worth the price.


1. If "pioneers" were needed to move to Mars, would you sign up, knowing you could never come back?
Yup - there are not enough frontiers in our society anymore, I think that a new one would be a great opportunity.

2. Assuming it's true, would you like to KNOW that God does NOT exist? Considering that is pretty much how I function now, I guess an outside confirmation of my convictions would be a worthwhile enterprise. I'm curious how I would get this information, or how it would be proven...

3. If you could choose your height or weight, what would you choose? Weight - shave a couple dozen pounds off the torso =).

4. If you had to change your skin colour to an "unnatural" tone permanently, what colour would it be? Hmm, probably a dark blue.

5. Best estimate: how long will you live, and why?I've always assumed I was going to die fact, I pretty much assumed 25 was end of the road. THat not being the case, I guess I'll take it a day at a time and see where things get me.


1. Would you rather lose your hearing totally, or 80% of your vision?
Hearing - I'd still be able to close caption, computer, read, etc - and I already know how to speak, so I wouldn't soud like that chick from Sesame Street.

2. If you could change history so that Native Americans stemmed the "invasion", and make New England and Eastern Canada a sovereign country under their ownership, would you? Heh, if we were talking about stemming the invasion, I'd much prefer the Conquisadores were dispatched, so noone else would have thought it profitable. That, however, not being the spirit of the question, I say abosultely. Who is to say how things would have turned out in that world?

3. If your significant other asked you to get a second
husband/wife/g.f./b.f. in a bisexual polyamorous deal, would u consider it?
Consider it, yes - greatly depended on the other person(s), and what my sig other wanted from me in terms of my involvement in the relationship.

4. If you could trade tattoos with someone, who would you trade with?
Well, I doubt anyone would want to trade, since I got nothing to offer.

5. Would the world be better off without emotion? Nope, emotion is one of the defining charactersitics of humans - take that away, and you have a bunch of robo monkeys.


1. If you could change something to the first person you had sex with, what would it be?
It would not have been that person =).

2. If you had to eliminate one race from the planet, what race would it be and why? The OED has a great many definitions for race. The simplest one, in the second definition of its use as a noun is " A group of persons, animals, or plants, connected by common descent or origin". That being the case, I would probably eradicate all bound by the common liniage of our common ancestor, and hope that evolution would do better on the second go-round.

3. If you could restore one extinct animal, what would it be and why? Probably velociraptors. Predators as smart as humans (at least according to what research suggests) would be good for putting a little bit of human's fear of nature back into the picture in a big way.

4. Would you rather have GIANT breasts, or no breasts at all? Giant breasts - you can always get surgery...

5. Would you rather work a job you don't like for 20 hours a week, or a job you love for 60 hours a week, assuming the money made is the same? I'd take the 20 hours - since money is not a factor, that would leave me with far more time to do what I wanted, which you cannot really do as a "job".


1. Should intelligence tests of some sort be required to vote?

Heh, I don't really think it matters in the curret political climate... i think that in a true democracy, a certain amount of intelligence should be requires, as well as civil or millitary service of 2 years, to anyone who can vote.

2. If you could be another race, what would it be and why? Again with this race thing. I'd probably want to be an Ancient Egyption, or a Viking.

3. If you had to kill one of your parents, which one would you choose? Hm... now there is a cheery question... I guess it would depend on the reasons why I "ahve to" and the method being used. Not something I am going to premeditate, at any rate.

4. Would you rather live in a place that's warm all year round, or a place with seasons? Seasons - I like the wintertime.

5. If a marijuana-vaccine is developed (and it is) that makes people sick if they smoke pot, should it be given to kids (with parental consent)? Nope. I think vaccines overall are a bad thing, and an experience-limiting vaccine is about the damn dumbest thing I ever heard. Besides, if you can't smoke pot, you are much more likely to take up a harder drug as a recreational pasttime.


1. If you could instantly grant youself the knowledge of one university degree, what would it be?
Classics - with focus in Aramaic, and Sanskrit, or Ancient Chinese, or some of the dead Central American Tounges.

2. If you had the opportunity to select your child's gender, what would it be, and why? Hmm - prolly a son, just to keep tradition alive. Despite my general distain for my name, it'd kind of suck to break a 17 generation game.

3. Would you rather weigh 100 pounds? Shit no, I'd look like spaghetti wearing a sail.

4. If the world pictured in any movie could be made real, what movie would you choose and why? Probably The Stand - it fits most closely with what I see as the only redeeming possibility for our species short of total extinction with a roll of the dice on evolution.


1. Should age limits for voting, drinking, and driving, all be the same, or are they better staggered?
Under the current system, they should all the the same, imo. If you are entitled to get behind the wheel, you should be able to choose a leader, or imbibe something which would prevent you from getting behind the wheel, or electing a stooge like chimp-in-chief...

2. If you could play one music instrument really well, what would it be?Drums - you can play drums on anything really, any ohter instrument, you are going to need some other equipment to perform.

3. If it turned out that dogs and cats didn't like being pets, what should be done with them? Use them to test the possibilities of colonizing Mars.

4. Would the world be better off if everyone thought the same? If by "thought the same" it means that everyone is free to thier own activities, vices, optionions, faiths, and liveleyhoods, (so long as it doesn't directly cause hurt to another person, willfully or not) without some dumbass system in place to protect them "from themselves" then yup.

5. Would would your pornstar name be, and why? Clint Meatwood, because The Pornalizer told me so.


1. If you were being executed, which method would you choose (REAL ones, not joke ones) and why?
Firing squad - it impresses into the minds of the exocutioners the atrocity of what they are doing all the more than any other method I think is out there. If I am guilty of something, it offers the parties seeking vengance a constructive way of working out thier revenge.

2. If you got to spend one hour with Osama bin Laden, what would you want to talk about? I don't know how fluent in English he is. Probably, I'd try to get at nonfundamentalist understandings for his stances and activities...

3. If you could add one skill to your roster, what would it be? The ability to win consistently at gambling.

4. Why do some people seem to have more "luck" than others? Some people are able to percieve better than others - some people are able to take advantage of spur-of-the-moment changes better than others... the ones who can both see the situation coming, and take advantage of things are the ones who are truly "lucky".

5. Are you a good person and why? No. If there even are any good people left, they are a very slight margin of the population on a while. I think that our species is defined by inherint natures and demeanors. Natures are what you are - demeanors are how you act. I think that centuries of culling has made those with a good nature probably as endangered as say, your average North American tiber wolf. Many people have good demeanors, but that does not make them a good person. I try to keep myself doing good - but nature is not often easily overcome, even with vigilance and constructive effort.

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