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A busy weekend, almost too busy some might say.

Friday night I spent too much time ignoring my girlfriend, and too much time working on my Ganesh mask for Heather, Brie, and Beth's housewarming party... my bad, but the mask did turn out pretty cool.

Saturday, I got up early, finished my mask, then got to Astoria, where I proceeded to wait for an hour for coworker/friend Julie to show up with a Uhaul. Julie moved from A town to Sunnyside this weekend, and I am unsure how she was planning on doing it within the time constraints of her gestappo like coop board without my assistance. The move was easy outgoing, but hellations incoming, Julie's former residence was a first floor apartment, but her current is a 4th floor(elevator...blessed be) in the middle of a gargen courtyard. The aforementioned secret police would not allow any access to the parking lot directly agacent to the apartment complex, so everything moving from the van to tha apartment had to go through several long foot trips before it got to the elevator.

So I was tired after a hot day of moving. I ran home for a shower and some costume application for that aforementioned hosewarming party. Luckily, freind John and his girlfriend Gabby decided to attend and offered a ride home from the festivites! Score! No Metro North....

Unfortunately, after half a bottle of Barenjager and a whole lot of boiling in my plaster Ganesh mask, I misdirected Johnny onto the westward bound section of 278... only to realize my mistake directly before Staten Island. On the way we got stuck in awful traffic. We turned around, heading in the correct direction, only to get stuck in traffic once more. We left the party in Brooklyn around 1:30, only to arrive home around quarter after three. While Johnny's furious antics en route were amusing - I was so tired from work and late night that I managed to snoozebar my alarm thismorning. That screwed up breakfast plans for all, and left me scrabling to get 4 people's worth of eggs, bacon, coffee and toast on the table before htier scheduled departure time.

Luckly, thier depature time was delayed somewhat, the eggs and toast were still pretty good though.

I pretty much geeked around, making some updates to my website and played about 40 minutes of Shadowbane, within which Tim was kind enough to powerlevel me a bit. After Richelle got up from her nap, we wathced the tail end of some "While You Were Out" episode (whose hostess I hate slightly more than Michael Jackson, and slightly less then Jim Carey), then departed to pick up Bill, Heather, and Beth to go to the crawdad boil.

I have eaten large numbers of freshwater crustaceans before.

I have enjoyed myself while doing so.

I must say that today beat all previous experiences by a nigh incalcuable margin. Heather's sister, Deserie, and her husband Nick were the connsumate host and hostess. I got to meet a neat cross section of Heather's family, and thier friends. The crawdads (all 90 lbs of them) and the corn and taters and onions involved in thier cooking were totally succulent.

The margaritas didn't hurt.

Good food, good fun, great converstaion... it was truly an excellent start to what I hope wiull be many a quality stolen summer weekend.

Due to the duration of our stay, we missed the first show of Discovery's "Walking with Cavemen", but I am going to wtch/tape the encore. Thank goodness for Discovery Channel encores.

At the moment though, the malicious cousins of Morpheus, Agave and Exhaustion are calling me to slumber. A better eekend I've not had in a long time. My most heartfelt thanks to all those who made it possible.

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