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a few things

So, I think this is as close to a meaningful post as I will be able to manage today.

Firstly, my new LJ icon theme exists, thanks to chellez. It finally dawned on her last night, while watching the Simpsons, that she is planning on making a life with "The Comic Book Guy".

This weekend was more or less a lost cause. Not a bad one at all mind you, just nothing too noteable to speak of. Friday night was "The Hulk", which I must say, I was pleasantly suprised with. The acting was well delivered, the plot was not watered down. There was a brilliant Stan Lee cameo (along with the bloke who played the hulk on the 70's TV show). Nick Nolte totally stole the show, and the CGI, which I initally saw as winceworthy, was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I was very pleased, definitely worth the see in the theatres as well.

Saturday night I did not sleep well at all. Rich came home from his midnite Potter sales around 2amish, and went to leave the book on Richelle's desk. Marley, however, thought him an intruder, so went Cujo, and woke me up groping for something to beat an attacker with. I did not get much in the way of solid ZZZ's after that, so I got up warly, talked with Rich for a bit before he went off to work, then tried to play Shadowbane.

Now, I followed this game for about 6 months before its realease. It sounded like an engaging innovative game. More PvP than PvE. Neat engine and character customization. A totally origonal role-playing invironment.

The reality is a shotty graphics engine (a la Diablo, the origonal) and similar gameplay feel. More D00d's than roleplayers (though the roleplayers I met were all great, and the few guilds I courted were all lots of fun), and more PvE than PvP.

Given my relatively limited gaming windows, I figured it would be a pleasant waste of hours until Star Wars Galaxies became a reality (it is due out on Friday!).

Alas, I was mistaken.

While pleasant while working, Shadowbane had more bugs than some software I had beta tested. Given my experience with UBI via Pool of Radiance. If it were not a subscritpion-fee game that I could play online, I might STILL even have swallowed it. But the constant patching, server downs, and client problems left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, the work did not overcome the enjoyment. A bad summation for a game.

So I cancelled my account, and handed over in-game possesions to Timaeus, then fiddled around with multiple other games throughout the day, trying to find some entertainment.

Richelle was deeply embedded in the new Potter book (which I will get once she is done with it), so I jsut sorta puttered around. I should start using that downtime in a more constuctive manner than gaming.

Anyhow, Saturday night, went and had Cajun food. Its always nice to share a good meal with someone you love. I think it makes the food taste better.

Sunday was more of the same, except for a brief interlude to Armonk to deal with a service call for a nonplussed Rabbi. Ed came over for a spell to scan some Maine pics, then departed after motioning for an evening hangout sometime this week. I made a roast pork shoulder with a new spice combonation I have been playing with for a few weeks (I think it turned out rather well). Raisins, cumin, brandy, cinnamon, paprika, a little cayanne, garlic, and a honey glaze. I also made dirty rice with leftover alligator sausage, red beans, and some mozz cheese. Richelle and I watched a movie about Mummies, and then went to bed.

So now, I'm stuck in the doldrums of a Monday. Worklog already full, plodding forward like a father with two overweight toddlers clinging to a calf apeice. Unfortunately, I have none of the pleasure such a scenario mght bring to mind.

I just hope the day gets better, and that the weather holds. Richelle has been downright miserable in the rain.

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