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Three Day Weekend

Lets see - long time no here is to catch up:
Theme Queez
1. English Puritan political leader, who beat King Charles I in
the English Civil War.

2. Orphan hero of an 1838 novel by Charles Dickens.

3. Half of a famous comedy team, born 1892 in Georgia, middle
name Norvell.

4. 18th-century British writer, author of "She Stoops to Conquer"
and "The Vicar of Wakefield".

5. American filmmaker, born 1946, his films include "Platoon" and
"Natural Born Killers".

6. US soldier, born 1943, implicated in the Irangate Scandal and
aid to Contra guerrillas in Nicaragaua.

7. English film actor (1938-99), starred in "Women in Love", "The
Devils" and "Castaway".

8. London-born neurologist, author of "Awakenings" (1973) and
"The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" (1985).

9. South African politician, born 1917, president of the African
National Congress from 1977 to 1991.

10. British physicist (1850-1925) who gave his name to a layer of
the atmosphere that reflects radio waves back to Earth.

The weekend was interesting. Thursday I ran around like a madman trying to arrange a surprise rondevous between Idchild and Gabsosteel. This involved many tag-phone calls, and some frantic last-minute cab-taking. Overall though, the results were worthwhile.

Richelle's coments on the bar scene above mirror my own - no need to rewrite. I will say however, that whatever fleeting love I had for Irish bars of Woodlawn was laid to rest Thursday night. The ashes were scattered down McLean ave on the way back.

Friday brought a migreaney chellez, so I had to bum a ride off my bro to my folks 4th thing. I was told in the invite email not to invite anyone, and that my mother wanted a nice quiet family gettogether. Apparently that means she gets to invite her coworkers, and that means that my bro and i have to run around like drug-test monkees because my dad is laid up, and everything needs to be "just so".

This would normally be a light annoyance, but it was exacerbated by the fact that I had a migraine land between 11 and noon on the day in question. Hot weather, grumpy gimpy dad, and migraine me = rough time. At least my mom's coworkers' kids were cute.

It was a good time - my bro and I make a pretty good barbecue team, even if his methods differ slightly from mine. I didn't step on his toes about how he wanted to bbq, but i did juice up the sauce a lil when he left the kitchen before we got to grillin.

Richelle finally got over her headache, and showed up as we were having dessert. She had previously expressed a desire to go _do_ something, since her 4th sucked majorly last year. I tried to find some sort of idea - but ended up succumbing to sleep after lying down trying to cool off and get my BP down.

I woke up at around 12:30, which sucked, because I realized we had missed everything we could have done.

The 5th came - time for wangch61's party. My migraine, instead of fading into a dull ache, as it should have been doing by day 2, actually seemed worse. I had to do some shopping for the party at Costco - so Richelle and I ran out, got the goods, then made it back. I barely got everything packed away before my bro was supposed to be there, but it turned out he was running late, so it didn't end up mattering.

The party was a good time, despite my inability to move too much from the bar, or play pool - due mostly to a complete lack of ability to focus on account of the light.

The night ended with my bro offering transpo back - Tim went with us. Things ended somewhat sour - in that Rich and his g/f were watching movies where tim was supposed to nap (and, consequently, in the room where the TV was right next to the wall of the bedroom). It wasn't that late, but it was pretty obvious we wanted to sleep - Richelle got really fed up around the car chase scene and went out and said something. I was in and out, so I dunno all the details.

Sunday was pretty much a recoup/geek out day. I woke up with my head hurting worse than any other day (this is really odd for my migraines, to progressively worsen). I cleaned out a heap of junk in the computer room, installed an O/S on one of the spares so Tim would have something to do and then started in the kitchen. I made breakfast for folks, and then collapsed in a heap of brain ache and funk.

I played some starwars, spent way longer than I should have had to cracking the latest version of Warcraft 3, and played that for a lil bit. It was good geeky gaming fun. Been too long.

I made some chicken and noodles, using the last leftovers of Rich'c frozen chicken and sauce from earlier in the year as a base (it was frozen). Tim left to go home, and Richelle and I watched some trading spaces and a movie. She does love her Trading Spaces.

So today - I woke up late - after waking up around 3am and not being able to go back to sleep comfortably. Richelle was going in late, so I walked to the train. Got stuck in what seemed like unzipping clouds, soaked to bone. Missed train by 30 secs. Later train was running late. Walked into a wasps nest at work. Dealt with unhappy Rabbis from sidejob. Was contemplating flushing head down toilet repeatedly until I got a call into the big boss' office.

Which usually, is not a good thing.

However, today, it seemed to be! My chair, which I ordered MONTHS ago, finally arrived. So now I am stylin in a compfy work ride, which of course, reminds me I must claim that chair from grimbil's roomate joe.

So yeah, head still hurts - but day ended on a minor high

I just hope this goes away - and soon. I am tired of not being with it.

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