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news at 11, linkages now...

I'm such a slacker...
In 4.003 years, I have only done 2.456 years if work

Fantastic weekend away...I will post more later when I get my huge collection of photos together.

Parades imitate life?
Fly boy still the medical buzz
Low-Budget Matrix effects
Mentos meets gamers
Terrah on the beach!
Great Astor Prank!
A kid who will definitely have bad knees
Test your senses
The Magical Vulva Puppet
Then and now
A great ad! (despite the fact I'm not 100% behind the candidate)
TiVo may screw up ad biz
What can I say that the headline of this one doesn't cover?

The English language contains a lot of words that were created by
running two words together - like "cheeseburger" (which is a
hamburger with cheese) and "smog" (which is a mixture of smoke
and fog). Try to identify these blends from their definitions:

Good luck and have fun!

1. A roadside hotel.

2. A meal eaten late in the morning.

3. A device used in testing people suspected of driving under the
influence of alcohol.

4. Serialized comedy on radio or television.

5. A very rough estimate.

6. The dramatized reconstruction of real historical situations or

7. An evangelical preacher who appears regularly on television.

8. Inflation in an economy without the expected growth in
employment or demand for goods.

9. A living being whose powers are enhanced by computer implants.

10. To lift your hat in greeting or take off a piece of clothing.

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