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in the rock/paper/scissors of life - i think sleep is paper, and insomnia is scissors

my sleep cycle is all over the place - i need to reign it in, I can't afford a relapse.

went to look at some apartments in ossning today - ended up all the way in bumblefuck - north of peekskill. We were looking at the only unit the complex agent had to show us, and are going to get on a list for the one in ossning today. who knows what will come of it? i want to keep looking.

i need to work heavily on access this weekend at some point - I woe folks some work on monday. today is going to be hellatious at work - i can just tell already.

I'm not really stressing about moving yet, but I can tell things are going to be tighter this time around than they were last year - I am trying to do more side jobs to compensate for this, but this is all going to come down to timing. To make matters more complicated, Richelle's mom is coming for a visit in mid-August, which means we have to do some heavy cleaning before that. Hopefully, that will offer the opportunity to chuck large volumes of shit I am no longer keeping. I'm looking forward tothe visit, I just worry what impact it may have if we don't have a place by then. I don't want to end up rent poor again!

If anyone wants dibs on my overlarge gaming library - get your dibs in now, because i'm shaving it down to maybe a 10th of what it is right now.

that is one thing I really would like to do that we have not in a while - but everyone always has so much on thier schedules - mebbe I should just get in the rotation at neutral ground.

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