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rocksteady queez

1. Which British rock group includes Mick Jagger and Keith

2. Which group had Ozzy Osbourne as its vocalist until 1979?

3. Whose album entitled "Every Picture Tells a Story" topped the
British and American charts in 1971?

4. Which rock star recorded a single in 1987 with opera singer
Montserrat Caballe?

5. Marvin Lee Aday is the real name of which heavy-rock singer?

6. Which group had hit singles in 1960 with "Apache" and "Man of

7. Which famous rock group was originally called the High Numbers?

8. Name two of the three members of the rock band Cream.

9. Which band did guitarist Peter Frampton set up with singer
Steve Marriott in 1969?

10. Which American rock star's real name was Vincent Furnier?

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