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for a lifetime of temporary relief

wel, I am in to a set pattern it seems - yay.

I think the only way I am going to be able to get back on track is to throw myself into sleep exhaustion - not an enjoyable prospect to say the least. And one which does not even offer 100% reliability.


The weekend was nice, although it held decidedly fewer apartment appointments than I would have hoped for. We have time yet - I just want to be out there, y'know?

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Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Saturday I had dinner at my 'rents place - I have to remember to do a bunch of shit this was a nice time, even if it went later than I thought. They were clearing trees on the sprain southbound - so we went down the saw mill on the way home, and scoped a potential site.

Yesterday was realy nice - didn't do much until early afternoon - then decided to go to Rockafeller State Park on a spur of the moment. It was a lovely walk around. Perhaps next time we'll bring Richelle's dog Marley. I guess by proxy, he's sorta become my dog too - crazy shit.

Work after work today - laptop setup and a bunch of other housekeeping. I hope I am payed promptly this year...Today is gonna suck - I can smell it.

So I am most probably going to resign from Star Wars Galaxies. While I appreciate the game for its flavor - I have found many of the gripes I had which forced me away from Shadowbane have pushed me away from this game as well. Don't get me wrong, this game is still about 100 times better than sb (cleaner UI, better graphics, much more stable) - but ultimately, with the way the game is structured now, it is very repetitive. Sure, there is tons of room to try everything - but all the classes seem to be sort of hollow, with no real good story arcs in the forseeable future.

Part of this revelation comes in the wake of my recent xbox purchase - Knights of the Old Republic. If ever there has been a time I have regretted buying an xbox over a PS2, those negative vibes were left in the dust about 10 minutes after popping in this cd.

Because it is such a good game though, it got me to realize how much slack I was cutting SWG just because I love the genre. Ho hum - I can do just fine without a momprpg...

I think it is funny that Sony has claimed it has learned from its mistakes with EQ, and yet still strives to come up with that new and improved evercrack formula. Maybe I'll just start mudding again for a while. I dunno.

At any rate, Richelle has made me aware just how far from the "mainstream" Starwars fan I am. Her exposure and experence is limited and negative - and her response to the last two movies have been much like mine.

I call them movies, not films, like the origonal trilogy - I am not sure where Lucas lost his mind, but between JarJar, and a whiny Vader, I lost all respect.

All I can hope is that the closer has some of the violent desperation which Empire had to it. Unfortunately, given that Lucas has edited out things like Solo taking the first shot, I ave my very strong doubts.

I am an older starwars fan - a geeky one, who remembers the Darkhorse comics, and the connundrum they proved to be to the canon keepers. I remember the old Starwars RPG (complete with the frequent use of the word pips), and the power of the earlier starwars fiction. Don't get me wrong, even though I am behind, I like how the genre has progressed into current storylines. But some of the characters are jsut tired - and I'm glad they have moved away from some of the players before they become so cliche that you burn your eyes reading.

As to the newer movies - sure the Yoda fight scene was fantastic, and some of the details on the clone war and Fett were neat. I like they way they have progressed Obi-Wan, and the use of Christopher Lee as a villan is pretty good. I just don't feel the magic - or sense the multigenerational tingle that there was with the older films. Maybe this is why nobody could leave Tanelorn once they found it. To prevent sequels.

I heard back from WoTC on Thursday - my manuscript idea got rejected (big surprise). I think I need to start working on my novels again, and leave some of my research on the wayside, lest I lose whatever remains of my edge that I could salvage.

Bah, maybe I'm just spiteful because of my sleeplessness. I doubt it though.

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