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hooray for abuse of power

Bush Twins: Curious Way to Meet Guys

Spot a cute guy across the room and what do most young ladies do? Either they get up the gumption to introduce themselves or have a girlfriend do it for them. First twins Barbara and Jenna Bush, who are
now 21, have their own special way to meet the boys: their Secret Service detail.

New York Post "Page Six" columnist Richard Johnson reports that the twins were spotted the other
night mingling "with the wild men of Lollapalooza" at The Deck at Pier 59, a New York City club. When the twins wanted to meet Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell, the Post says they just asked their Secret Service protectors to introduce them. Alas, Cornell was with his girlfriend, Vicky Karayiannis. Still, everyone had fun. Turns out it was Cornell's birthday. So the twins joined several Lollapalooza rockers, including Jane's Addiction, Incubus, and Jurassic 5 eating a birthday cake in the shape of an acoustic guitar.

Jenna, who will soon begin her senior year at the University of Texas, is spending the rest of the summer in New York City in an unpaid internship with the public relations firm of Harrison and Shriftman, reports the Denver Post. She's working on several beauty accounts, including Charles Worthington and H20.

Barbara and Jenna Bush were spotted in a Washington, D.C. bar last summer--when they were not of the legal drinking age. That made the papers, and it wasn't the first embarrassing story to be published. Are the
Bush twins fair game for the media?

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