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mothahfuckin insomnia

Since I'm up, I figured I'd empty the hopper:

Global warming holds up oil digs
NY Sodomy
Brits are still clueless in the bedroom
An Army of One
Literary bar jokes
From the makers of the anatomically correct Hulk doll...
Very open protest/plea in NYC
"Flypaper Theory" (makes me sick)
Marshall flipflops
Hooray for the vast right conspiracy!
Lets hope this guy doesn't end up enforcing the Terrorist Act
Hope the RIAA has some undead lawyers
Hooray for heroin!
Life imitates Monty Python's "Meaning of Life"
Oxymornical Politics
I can't wait for the marches and draft to be reinstated!
Nice "mainstream" geek article
Pass the fish
King is going to write a column!
Angelina miffed about her nips

hope you enjoyed tonights dose of insanity

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