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1. Which famous explorer sailed round the world between 1577 and
1580 in "The Golden Hind"?

2. Who allegedly said "Doctor Livingstone, I presume" on meeting
David Livingstone in Africa in 1871?

3. Was Christopher Columbus born in Spain, Italy or France?

4. Which explorer established the first European colony in

5. Which Norwegain explorer led the Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947?

6. The Northwest Passage was often sought by early explorers. It
is a route between which two oceans?

7. Who led the expedition which first reached the South Pole on
14 December 1911?

8. Which British explorer made the first surface journey around
the world's polar circumference between 1979 and 1982?

9. Which Norwegian explorer won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922?

10. Which Scottish explorer traced the course of the Niger River
in the 1790s?

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