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odd dream this morning

D-day failed. With the loss of manpower, the US had to pull out of the European front altogether. We still bombed the Japanese, who withdrew from the war. We gave the technology to the Russians, so they could police Japan for us, and hold the Germans off as we settled the Polynesian front. Australia became a strong ally of the US. Canada ceded to the US after the influx of British refugees crushed its internal government. In 1951, the British royal family, in secret relocated to Canada, leaving Britannia to the wiles of hungry Nazis.

The Nazi's took Africa and most of the middle east - the Russians held the line at Moldova. Everything east of there became Russian territory, even China, which ceded to the Russians after one use of nuclear armamnt in Bejing.. Stalin became a wartime expansionist, but rather than plunge his country into war debt, accepted the changes that needed to be made to survive. Russia became the trade/technological capitol of the world. There was some prosperity in the stalemate years between 1953 (The Treaty of New Paris - signed into action as a non-hostility pact after Germany developed the bomb and nuked Jerusalem to dust) and the late 70s.

By that point, a tripartite cold war had broken out. The Nazi-Fascism government failed, Hitler was assonated by a dissident, and the whole government fell to petty warmongers and corrupt politicians. The Nazi empire, by the closing years of the 70's was not too dissimilar to contemporary communist Russia.

Stalin lived to an old age, left the seat of his empire to his son, and saw his country into a period of time similar to our own post-boom economy. The US saw an influx of Russians along the west coast, to the point that Baja California was renamed "New Russia". The world was essentially thirded. After Jerusalem was razed, news of the holocaust eventually came in trickles. The Vatican relocated, in much the same way that the British Royals did, under cover of night and underground rail, to Moscow, which became the new seat of Christian Faith.

The only political hotspot over all those years was South America, where the Nazis had a small foothold, and the US was not spread thickly enough to directly confront, and, since the hostilities were officially over, the "West Germany" of the east became the center of all the espionage by the US.

As a result of the voracious cultural changes from our reality - lots of modern day things were different. First and foremost, computers became an emerging science around _now_. Many of the Asian countries which provided the cheap electronics that allowed the tech boom to prosper were engaged in a totally different type of trade manufacturing, so the boom didn't happen in the public sector - computers became a potential for military might.

The space race never happened either. The Russians had a secret plan to implement it, but were wary what such an incursion could mean in terms of hostilities from their Westward neighbors.

In short, you had technological refinement of around the late 70's in modern day. There was no internet, fax machines were an emerging technology, and primarily dedicated to military communication. By its end, the war took more than half of America's men. There was no baby boom- there were two generations of hard work and many old spinsters.

Into that came my family, which was limited to My father and I (my mother dying in childbirth having my brother, and my sister having been euthanized at age 4 under the "genetic purity act of 1967"). My father was a CO for Northeastern Military Intelligence. I was a normal grunt in the Navy (Military jobs offered the best benefits, while the private sector slowly crept along, trying to match the military bulk of the GNP). However, I was only a grunt in appearance; I was actually a covert ops specialist under the direct command of my father's division: Investigation of Domestic Insurrection.

Now, this is where the dream really starts. The preceding came to me in snippets throughout the rest of the dream, some of it came before. The order was not completely chronological.

I was put on temporary disability for a spinal injury, and confined to a wheelchair. It was because of this that I was chosen to instigate a group of Irish expatriates stationed in Maine – engaged in various black market trading with New Britain, the only non US territory in North America (what is modern day Prince Edward Isle, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia). They were selling various narcotics and weapons to raise funds to channel back to the IRA still stationed in Ireland.

I was chosen because I could be a successful infiltrator, and because the best spinal surgeons in the free countries were in New Britain. I was to co-opt the British end of things, find out who the US suppliers were in Maine, assess their operation (if possible) and get the info back to HQ within three months.

I was successful in infiltrating the NB operation – to an extent, but enough of one to work my way back into Maine. There I found a small Japanese-American group which was working with the local Irish muscle, providing the labor for manufacturing etc, which was why no one could trace the origins of the arms being traded. The narcotics were coming in from the south through Cuba, the narcotics capitol of the world, and then moving north along the coast by sea.

I had tons of recon in both microfilm and micro recordings that were all put into small consoles throughout my wheelchair. After getting a topical understanding of the operation in Maine, I had to work my way back to NYC to give my report. However, this was all taking place in the midst of one of the worst march winters in recorded history.

Ultimately, the weather led to many delays as I worked my way down the New England Coast. I eventually had to travel by train from New Haven CT to NYC, only to get stuck in NYC on St. Patrick’s Day, the day after the worst blizzard in recorded history.

The whole time from leaving Maine to turning in my info, I was being pursued by the folks I double crossed (who knew I had the goods on their operation) AND a group of German spies who wanted the information so they could make the Japanese cell working with the Irish an offer on the new munitions being developed in the wilds of Maine.

And the whole time, I had to keep to the wheelchair so as not to break my cover AND because all my intel was stashed throughout its frame.

I ended up getting married to a drunk Irish girl in the midst of the post-parade festivities in my attempt to make it down to Wall Street (beneath which was the HQ for NEUS Intel), largely in an attempt to throw off my pursuers, and secondly, because it gave me access to a limo, which I used to make good my escape.

The dream ended with me being debriefed personally by my father, after handing in all the info, and him telling me I had been promoted to a filed captain, and had 6 weeks before I went out on assignment again. I told him I got married, and he laughed and told me that I had better move fast, because I wasn’t going to see her again for a long time after 6 weeks.

Shortly after leaving his office to find my way back to my flat in Brooklyn, I woke up.

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