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Terry Announces Candidacy In California Recall Election (brilliant ad scheme)

As the league leading Office Linebacker for four years running, "Terrible" Terry Tate possesses the vision, the experience, and the unique ability "to bring the pain up in this humpy-bumpy" that California so desperately needs. Terry promises to end partisan gridlock by knocking some fiscal sense into the corporate lobbyists, career bureaucrats, and partisan politicians who are at the heart of the problem: "I'm the type of player that player haters hate to play - cause I'm 100% heart baby, all day, every day. "

Once elected, Mr. Tate will tackle white collar crime: "Ya'll suckah's who don't pay taxes and hang out on your Gucci yachts? With Triple T in charge, you know you gonna get caught." Terry also commits himself to reducing overcrowding at schools, improving air quality, and eliminating "long-[expletive] coffee breaks - five minutes tops, or ya'll gonna get clocked."

And despite the risk inherent in being the top executive of the state, Terry stands alone among leading candidates in his pledge to realize the hopes and dreams of the voters of California without taking a vacation or a sick day. "Playin' hurt? Baby that don't phase me. The only pain I got time for is the pain I put on fools who don't know what time it is."

Most importantly, a vote for Terry Tate is a vote for a better future for California's children, families, and businesses: "I'm gonna govern the [expletive] out of this state. Believe that, California."

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