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long day

Worked after work until around 8:30, then got a ride home with my bro. Scarfed some bratwurst then ran over to the ther apartment to do round 2 of paint, and to try and get internet set up.

Sure enough, internet was a problem - I have to call back tomorrow. The painting went very well though. Hopefully only one more coat and things will look OK - then the white on all the trim and touch up.

Richelle's mom gets here tomorrow. Tomorrow night I am going to make eggplant parm, and I am thinking maybe lamb for thursday, I dunno. Friday we should be out in the city - and I think we will play the weekend by ear.Monday night should be something relatively low key I guess, since Tuesday is a big blast bonanza.

I also considered maybe doing the Korean/Japanese place Thursday night, instead of cooking again. Especially since it looks like now I _won't_ be able to take the day off, since I need to be around to interview UNIX replacements.

Bah says I.

We still need to get to home depot, return some stuff, pick up a new countertop, as well as the prefab peices for a wardrobe, some hardware for the kitchen cabinets, some sort of bathroom shelving unit, perhaps a reinforcement for my closet, some sorta tension rod/door solution for the kitchen pantry, and possibly a big roll of carpet. My mom said I could take her futon - so maybe we'll just get a funky cover for it or something - I dunno.

Later today, I need to get flash remoting work, call about my stupid cable account, double check that we have a mover reservation, double check with my landlord that we will have a stove by the time we move in, and call back some folks at the side job to make sure everything is still working smoothly. I also need to follow up on the two sites I launced this week, and get a coherent plan togther for my next project before end-of-day.

Oh yeah, my side job is 16/40 hours into thier annual service contract, and we are only on the 13th day of coverage! Mayhaps they will see some extended billing =)

I posted a "to buy" list earlier - one of my stupid study partners, Mike (and my bloody resident hebrew translator since Rabbi Linder died) ran off to Cincinnati with a mess of my books in tow. I had to find out from his ex-g/f, who said he didn't leave any forwarding info with anyoen, and pissed off a few people inthe process. So now I am left rebuying lots of my Hebrew sourcebooks.I wonder if I could get them all on CD or something? And I need to find a new Hebrew translator - I can't go back to dictionary pecking.

I wish I could learn the bloody language without the mandatory theology.

My body wants sleep - my brain refuses to turn off.

Stupid brain.

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