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this was surprisingly amusing, thanks tim

Your name here - Caracarn

From here

Literal meaning

Found in limestone deposits in Chester around 11am, the name Caracarn was originally used chiefly to refer to nuns and the violators of nuns, before taking a bullet for the Pope.

Famous Caracarns
1. Caracarn W Macaulay-Endeavour ("The Blue"), co-writer of INDIANA JONES AND THE LEAGUE OF SILENT EXPLODERS;
2. Caracarn Nivea, BSc, early user of the world's seventh highest-rated episode of Mr Pastry;
3. Caracarn ap Tinkermouse, channeller under supernatural influences of eight entirely new ways to kneel;
4. Caracarn Itching-Nootlooter, who could never shake an early association with edible bark;
5. Caracarn Happenstance, belittler of the world's sturdiest box; first holder of the fairly secret office of Gross Miscarriager of Justice;
6. "Terrible" Caracarn Staplegun-Cangoose, BA, proponent of the self-propelled gardener;
7. Caracarn C X K de la Frewsy-Trabmaw, of the generation which fondly remembers several of the more violent gypsy curses;
8. Caracarn du Toot ("The Reasonably Broadly Educated"), champion of the deckchair-cum-hat;
9. Caracarn Frote, who lost a fortune on quiffs;
10. Caracarn I Tube, named in court as holding compromising material concerning a nice cup of tea.

Typical Caracarn motto
"Hahaha! That was funny."

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