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wow, this stupid lil quiz lives up to its name


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So I'm goddamn fucking tired. chellez and I started the fumigation process last night. I am thinking I may give it one more night and go bed shopping and go to Bed/Bath/Beyond tonight to try and cheer her up a lil. I don't think an extra day of poison is going to hurt anyone other than who I want it to hurt.

I hurt. Alot. I schlepped the queen-size-pesticide ridden mattress down 3 flights of stairs, broke down the box spring, folded and tied it in half, then piled the 5 bags of garbage (which included a mattress pad and a rolled up carpet) down curbside. I sprayed, powdered, took apart furniture, sprayed and powdered that - turned off the AC, and bombed the room with fumigator cans.

Tonight, I think I will pick up some traditional bug bombs of a different toxin subset just to be safe. I have used a little bit of everything in this endeavor, and it seemed to work pretty well last night (judging by the results we saw spraying the fuckers as I flipped the mattress).

Sleeping on that sofa bed is damn uncomfortable though - we are going to need to figure out something else - I don’t know if we will be able to deal with a week of this. Its almost more comfortable on the sofa - without the bed part.

In other news, I had a very eventful commute this morning from a people watching perspective. I got on a later train than I usually do, and rode standing with this absolutely gorgeous Hispanic woman, and her deaf son. Her son was probably about 3 or 4, and was delighted by some of the vibrations the train made - he was cheering in his own form of gobbledygook, which was joyful, hearing such exuberance, but saddening, since he couldn't really form words. His mother seemed somewhat embarrassed by her son's jubilation, and kept trying to distract him every time he started bellowing and dancing around. Deaf kids have even less of a sense of volume control than normal ones do I guess. I hope she doesn’t have to take care of him alone – she looked tired, I think that was part of her beauty. I dunno. They got off at Fordham.

I took out my game boy, and was about 30 seconds into my newly purchased Super Ghouls and Ghosts, when this shrilly mom came wandering into the vestibule talking very loudly to someone on her cell phone. She was brunette, with an ill-concealed moustache beneath a quarter inch of face spackle. She had wiry curly hair, and was dressed to be 20, when she should have been shooting for mid-30’s. She was in lots of beiges and browns, all a size or two too small, and wore the most god-awful copper wrist thin g(it went from her hand almost to her elbow) that I have ever seen. It quickly became apparent that it was her son, recently departed to college, who she was waking up.

Now, I have mixed feelings about college, but I don't know of anyone, freshman or otherwise, who would want to be talking to his mom before 9am on a Thursday morning. Mom was haranguing him about not using the cell to call local friends. That was why she called, to tell him that he should use his dorm phone for calling friends, and the cell phone was for talking to her. She then proceeded to ask about friends, his running schedule, his class schedule, if he had made any friends, what he had for dinner the night before, who he was planning on hanging out with that day... She then went into vivid detail about how the kid's father had called her, crying, and that she had thought it was him! Once she realized it was her ex-husband (she mentioned her new hubby later in the convo) she hung up on him. She then went into the importance of making sure he reserved Thanksgiving flights this weekend, and that she didn’t want him flying “that Jetblue Company” since she didn’t trust them because anyone who offered tickets that cheap obviously was doing _something_ shady.

The kid then tried getting rid of mom for the next several minutes - probably because his hung-over dorm-mate was reaching for an empty beer bottle to throw at him, and mom would not have it. Finally after 5 minutes of "oh, but you don't have class for another hour" and "you can shower after you run in this afternoon’s practice" he finally escaped when her phone dropped signal. She made a little sigh – something you would expect to come out of a six year old just denied a popsicle.

She called back.

He didn't pick up.

Good for him.

I asked her, politely, if it was her first child going to college. She seemed rather taken aback that I knew what was going on in her world (despite the megaphone volume of her end of the convo), and responded with a somewhat stunned “Yes, he’s my oldest.”

I chuckled.

“The hardest part about college is for parents, I think. It is easy for kids to let go, they want to get on with their lives, but the kids are the last 20 years of the parents lives…”

She turned bright red, and moved as if to jab me in the shoulder with a quickly pointed finger.

“What do YOU know about it! He’s out there all alone, without me to protect him, and make sure he gets everywhere on time, and isn’t hanging out with the wrong…”

The whole time the lady was erupting in her triggered tirade, she was inching towards me with that finger, set to poke.

I said, fairly loudly, with a real hard glare “Lady, you are proving my point here, and if you get much closer with that finger, you might not get it back!”

She did the fish out of water thing for a second, then stormed back to her seat, and an equally flabbergasted co-commuter, who had mentioned the cell-phone usage thing to her in the first place, which had offered her the excuse to call her son and wake him up…

Work is a little on the hellish side, so much to do and exactly 0 energy to do it with.

Lots of LJ freinds posting interesting things recently. I wish I had more time to devote to this.

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