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dateline - geeksville

after speaking with longtime friend on the woes of library keepin yesterday, I have been inspired to procure software to aid me in this endeavor (rather than spending 6-8 hours writing my own system).

Yup, you heard it right, I am now the proud owner of Book Librarian Plus - which I will install and use UNPACKING all my books once I set up shop at the new digs. From now on, I won't have to wonder who borrowed what - unless my system crashes and i somehow am unable to restore anything. Plus, I will eventually be able to put it online, and updateable via my phone. Ah, the geekiness doth churn like a boiling pot.

In other news, the company for which i just finished a large consulting job for was _very_ happy with my work. They want me to replicate the data model I built for them for another set of clients. I am also getting a fat referral with a Tampa group - supposedly my rates are "far less" than what my predecessor was charging and my work is "far superior" and my work ethic is "much clearer". Y'know, I get an occasional thanks in the consulting biz, but generally it is a constant scramble to meet client expectations. Its really nice when I get a glowing call from a client.

If only I could harness the same type of positive energy and results at my 9/5.

Bloody politics.

Enough from me. Back to the mill.

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