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a music less morning is not really a morning at all

what’s new and shakin? not me.

Last week was burdensomely busy - this week promises much more of the same. I just got out of the frigidity that is our server room - i need to get me some typing gloves.

This weekend in a nutshell:
Friday night - Cooking and video games.
Saturday - Light cleaning, busytasks and video games early AM, followed by narrowly avoiding having to go into work - after 2 hours of remote troubleshooting.
Saturday night - went to a little sports bar in the middle of Westchester to watch the Yanks drop game 1.
Sunday - worked big chunk of the day away consulting - with lots more to come this week. Hopefully made two new business contacts yesterday though, which is a good thing.

I recently subscribed to gamefly - I have two games - Heroes of DnD (which I am really digging) and F-Zero for GC. 20$ a month for a netflix game rental queue? How can you go wrong?

Today I have regenned a sever halfway, and started writing a complete SRD for each server we have, in case I get hit by a bus or something. I realized it today when I went to install - if anything happened to me, they would be pretty screwed.

I did some good cooking this weekend. I improvised my own version of Kris' much desired White Pizza Dip - as well as two trays of lasagna. In an effort to stave off office butt, I am working on now bagging lunch a few days a week.

The past few days have seen voracious reading though, even if it was mostly fluff stuff. Tonight's commute home begins the long ride through my heavy scholasticism that should get me through xmas.

I need to get my personal life as organized as my professional one.

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