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There is a name for my pain...

and it is Delta.

I'm stuck in Jacksonville. The freaking Marlins won, and here I sit in the midst of a large population of gloating folk. I think I am going to ask the next person who makes fun if they an compute the ratio of total WS to the number we have won over the years. Then I am going to use their bloodily attached forearm as a crude baton and get medeival on them.

by the Elder Evils...Bledsoe is making me almost sad to be a New Yorker. At least the Giants won.

I did lots of computer work this weekend. I reinstalled 2 machines, and one machine about 6 times. I reconfigured 3x laptops, did lots of network troubleshooting, and even fixed my aunt's sister's laptop.

I am very tired. I didn't get to sleep until @ 3ish, and that is after the time shift. Now I will be lucky if I make it home by 2. i'm just glad that my bro can give me a ride.

Today was my cousin Roarke's 13th birthday. I gave him The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, and The Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition.

This weekend there was also a local air show, featuring the Blue Angels. While I find the wasteful recruiting propoganda reprehensible, and detest the development of millitary technology, it does not lessen the awe one feels in the presence of such powerful machines. I will have some pics n movies later in the week when I get them off my cam.

Apparently, my grandmother always wanted to be a pilot, but my grandfather forbade it. She got misty talking about it. That certainly made me sad - that someone could live as long and as fully as she has, yet still carry such a deep regret.

I just want to sleep, but I needed to caf up so I can think on my feet as they shuffle departure times and gates. Tomorrow is going to suck.


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Oct. 26th, 2003 07:44 pm (UTC)
aw! sad aku!

can't wait to have you in bed w/ me=)
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