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So, I got back from Jacksonville alive. I must note, however, that my return was marked by the most frightening airport landing ever. There was about 4-500 ft of pea soup fog just below an upper ceiling of 20-40 mph winds. We missed 2x approaches, and the last was nearly a crash.

Not fun.

Although, since my return, I have worked every night on some sort of technical project. I am approaching burnout I fear, with more work yet on the horizon.

Richelle's machine died, so she got a nice upgrade - my machine was left untouched by whatever ill spirits took out their technological wrath on our house, but, for some reason, my server decided to stop working. I had to regen it, then get everything working again. I forget how much I have put into that shitty lil box - I think a tape backup is in order, if i can ever afford a DLT drive.

I have a teleconference this afternoon to discuss future business plans for one of my consulting gigs. I got another application written for NHPA, and it seemed to work, despite the fact that it needed much tweaking, and nearly choked the shit out of their web server (sending 5500 emails will do that sometimes i guess). Hopefully I will see some of this money soon, as Richelle and I really need to firm up some wedding plans. I don’t know where the $ goes - it just seems to evaporate - wah!

I am booked solid at the 9-5 from now until my birthday (at least) - and that assumes that shit keeps working, which, for most of October, it has not. I am going to have to start working extra hours before the end of this project if things don't lighten up soon.

On the upside, I like the new semagic - it has condensed my LJ reading during the day somewhat with its new "x posts to alert" setting - muy bien sema.

I have no Halloween costume yet - to boot, i have a huge meeting tomorrow, so that will make this, officially, the first year that i do not dress to work in the long history of 9-5. I wish i had just not fucked up on the calendar planning earlier, I would have taken the bloody day off. I don't even have a costume yet - i have to do that today after work!

I still dunno what to do tomorrow night either. Part of me really wants to go to a club or to innuendo - my bro was talking about going to the canvas lounge - but i don't have any details on it yet. Mebbe I should just rent some scary movies and stay in - bleh.

This is somewhere i really want to go... but it has not opened in NYC yet! Dammit.

Too much work and responsibility lately - I feel like my head is gonna pop. I had this big surge of creative energy before things really started getting to be a drag in the work department, and now it is squashed by the number of things I need to keep track of. My only positive highlight of said surge was that I managed to compile a mess of my poems for editing.

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