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recent events

Friday night, plans were wiggled this way and that. Ultimately, I ended up going out with some folks from work briefly, then coming home and watching the original "EVIL DEAD" on DVD with Richelle. Such a classic - not the busiest Halloween I've ever had, but far from the worst (which involved aspirating a full can of Barbasol against my will, after spraining my ankle trying to run from the guys who did it). Course - that was 14 years ago.

I updated my photos page again, this time with pics from the halloween party we went to last night. It was much fun - good to see a crowd I don't see anywhere as often as I once did. There were awards for the best costumes by category - bubbabobobbrain got "lamest" (she was a chinese pumpkin), sean got most disgusting (i got my man-ass quota for the next 10 years last night), kev and his g/f got overall best (they were the spartan duo of SNL renound - great idea!), and chellez got "sexiest" - she got a ripped codomn as a prize.

The party was really a great time - nice food, good fun, old friends. A very nice way to spend an evening.

In other news, Richelle has been migraney for almost a week now. She has knocked it down a few times, but it keeps coming back. I feel so bad that there is nothing I can do for her.

We (for some unknown reason) watched a chunk of "Clean Sweep" after we got home last night - I think I should get my folks on that show - they have more crap then they could ever hope to deal with.

I worked most of yesterday. Today looks like much of the same - however, I want to get some cleaning done around the house too.. They are having a god concert in the park across the street - i am all for freedom of religion, but does it have to be so fuckin loud? Progressive xian rock sucks worse than pop or assrock.

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