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So due to the late hour, I can neither confirm nor deny the existance of multiple endings to the latest Matrix release. That, in my estimation, is about all that could provide much entertainment value for the 11 bucks. Read on if you want, but be forewarned of outrage and spoilers.


I am dissapointed that I was duped into the third installment. It came as an even more botched version of the second - no explanation for most of the action - everything was set in #2 - no really memorable dialouge, no particularly good acting - except for the guy who played the Smith-made flesh.

The potential of the first film lost rapid ground in the second imo. It was not an irreversable loss, it simply required some good twists and writing for a closer. Unfortunately these were as nonexistant as the plot development - weak weak weak.

The quasi-intellectual speech by the Architect in Reloaded, combined with the questions it raised ( and the little intellectual game of the Merovingian) is what saved it for me. There is no big speech by the Architect in this one, but there is plenty of fortune cookie bullshit provided by an ill-explained Oracle replacement. There is no depth - this is T3 with a a cast of Geigeresque bots instead of shiny silver Battlestar Galactica ripoffs.

Am I dissapointed that one of, in my estimation, the _best_ scifi backdrops of our generation sucked. Revolutions, ultimately, amounts to a fancy CGI Dragonball Z episode, complete with painfully long and pointless fight scenes. Am I pissed that this became all about the kung-fu and Starcraft ripoff goliaths blowing the crap out of endless sentinels? You bet your fukin little green line of code.

Disheartened, dissolusioned, and dismally moronic. I stopped being the moviegoer that could call a movie 'good' based on special effects alone shortly after Friday the 13th hit its double roman numeral installations. Yes, some of the CGI scenes with the sentinel mobs were breathtaking, as were some of the expanded bots, and the defenses of the robo ciity - offset that with the donkey crap that we are supposed to choke down as a happy ending, and you get a smooth-looking nutty flavor to gag on.

The fact that a styrafoam turd like Revolutions could pass for an acceptable ending to what started out as a great idea makes me want to lose my lunch. All I can hope for is that Lucas does not surpass my disapointment in this series with the last chance up to bat he has in the mythos of his little world.

Man, I am pissed.


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Nov. 6th, 2003 09:57 am (UTC)
here is my take. Very sort, reader's digest condensed version. While I found there was some to enjoy in the movie, and left it with a decent feeling, the christ imagery was too damned heavy at the end, and in fact, throughout. Yes, it was clearly dragonball z at the end. all that was missing was dramatic emo music with Neo thinking in the background, "I can't believe how powerful he is...I must hold out till Morpheous arrives with a Senzu bean!!"

But i digress. All I want to know is what the hell happened to the Twins, the Merovingian being interesting, Persephone, and the sense of philisophical delight of the first one. I think the problem is that it started to take itself a little to seriously. And don't worry Bern, Lucas will undoubtably pull a GIGANTIC boner with 3 and ruin it entirely, thereby shitting on a entire generations clollective love in a way not done since lawnmower man.
Nov. 6th, 2003 10:32 am (UTC)
i can't believe you mentioned lmm2
we shall never speak of this again
Nov. 6th, 2003 11:14 am (UTC)
Re: bleh
I know. It hurts too much.
Nov. 6th, 2003 03:11 pm (UTC)
Dear Matrix Revolutions: I fart in your general direction!
I agree, the 3rd movie was anti-intellectual, if anything. Plus I thought the special effects were mostly retarded. Ok, the sentinals flying around were cool looking, but that's about it. All the fighting scenes looked terrible i thought. The flying stuff was just rediculous. Why, when the sentinals broke into the docking bay area, didn't they just wipe out all the machine gunning humans? I mean, there were 10 bazillion of them and all they did was just fly around in nifty looking tubular patterns. When did they suddenly get idiotic?

So the machines give up there energy source in order to get Neo's help in killing this virus called Smith. SO now what the fuck are they supposed to do? do they suddenly have 100000000 pods with waking humans in them? how are they going to feed all these humans? Where are they going to get energy? how are any of them going to survive w/o sunlight?

Where were the twins? How did trin morpheus and the other dude just waltz right in to the most powerful program's home and kick everyone's ass? all we get of persiphone (sp) is a shot of her great rack, and that's it. and some cheeseball line about love that had everyone in the theater giggling. so frickin' stupid. I don't have time for this.

What's the deal with all the "programs"? are those really humans? what two places was the trainmaster taking these programs back and forth between?

I thumb my nose at this last movie, and unfortunately, that means I'll have to ignore the 2nd one as well. I kinda liked it, b/c it made you think. This one makes me puke tho, so as a result, I'm just gonna stick to owning the first and that's it. Blah!
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