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weekend in 3rd gear doin 10mph

This weekend involved a lot of wheel turning, but not a lot of movement.

Friday night was great - albiet short - I was too exhausted to do muh of anything after an evening of eating and drinking.

Saturday kinds started out suck. My PC died, and needed to be ressurected (and I was fresh out of chicken blood) AND there was an internet outage. Even if I had a PC i couldn't have done anything with it! Richelle got back safe and sound - thank goodness. Later that evening I wrestled with the infection of OMS I was exposed to whilst eating with an infectee Friday night - I was in bed before 11. Apologies to all I bitched out on.

Sunday, yesterday, involved changing the tire on Richelle's car, cleaning/rearranging some firniture, then dinner at the folks. This weekend involved copious amounts of sausage making at my parent's place - much keilbasa, asian sausage, and franfurters were produced - over 100lbs of meat before grind. I got to take some home for the freezer - soo good.

Lots to do - I think I am going to be busy at work straight through New Years. I have a party Thursday night - but no other plans until then. Hopefully, somewhere between here and there I can get some havey consulting done to make some moneh - next weekend should involve some more wedding planning!

I jsut got done with a huge argument with my mother about my personal appearance... man, I thought this shit went away like 15 years ago!

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