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aesthetic vs. hedonistic

hedonism - as defined by the OED:
aesthetic - as defined by the OED

The etymology, clearly, shows the connection between these two words - and, to an extent, the modern application of them. The question, which was brought up in a previous post by bruteforcemethd, is the following:

Which of these two "philosophies" is closer to hitting the mark of the "meaning of life" insofar as living it to the fullest is concerned?

Clearly, one needs to have a desire to pursue beauty or sensual pleasure to create it - but should that pursuit be for the sake of the creation and its process alone, or the selfish desire to attain that creation or process for ones-self?

How does your answer to this question relate to your own personal moral code, especially in regards to how you prioritize your goals in life?

I have written a great many of my best things, then deleted them shortly thereafter. Why I continue to do this is not totally clear to me, but I do. I guess that puts me more in the aesthetic camp my action, but, in thinking, I would love to be able to make a living off my writing, or a creative process similar to it.

Response to this post, obviously, is not compulsory, but I guarantee it will get more interesting the more people who throw their hats into the ring.

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