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lots of horizontal breaks

Either tonight or friday is going to be duck night, depending on my bro. I am psyched, it has been over a year since I last made duck. My good friend Rebecca is in town this week, and Thursday night is drinks with her at Collins Bar. If you are reading this, you are invited. Drinking commences @ 6ish, and the bar has free popcorn.

I have rendered my migraine obsolete using an ancient hangover-obliterating technique. I partook in the ice water/near-boiling-water head-dunking thing. It definitely helped, but was hell on my hair, lots of which got tangled in the process. Richelle said my symptoms were atypical to a "classic" migraine, rather than a "typical" which is what I ususally have. I hope i stay typical, since this latest delve into the classical period left me reeling.

Richelle and I had a good talk last night - I kept her awake when she wanted to sleep, but it was still worthwhile, I think. Definitely gave me a gain in perspective, which was very soul-satisfying. This is the second such talk we have had this week - it is funny how these things come in droves and dry spells.

I really want to buy the LOTR:TT extended edition, but cannot bring myself to waste the $. I will buy them all when the series is boxed and tidy, rather than respending money then. Perhaps I will simply netflix it and not return it in the meantime =).

I am psyched that sleeping_hitman is coming out to NYC for NYE - that is pretty ffin cool.

Speaking of outings - the great cookie menu plan is starting to take shape. Thusfar, the tally is here. This enterprise has finally got me off my ass in terms of making my voting interface for my site... a little at a time at any rate.

I am going to get back in the habit of one decent, down-to-earth LJ post a week. I need to force my writing back up the hill, maybe I should sign up for an item or two on an zine or something.

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