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Zizekuni heshokne alokod ingetoh agikach pexumi quavib secafo

Last night's adventure was to pick up my new portable dishwasher a la eBay.

The initial plan was for my bro to meet me after work, and we would sojourn to Brooklyn together. Instead he went to hang out with his friend Tiago IN Brooklyn, somewhere near the Carrol Ave stop on the F train. I got stuck at Rockafeller center for almost a half hour, only to finally emerge in Brooklyn to a brother whose cellphone battery was dead.

So I called Tiago, and he was gone already - no way to get ahold of him, hanging in a random train station in Brooklyn. He finally showed up around 20 minutes later. Then we got on the road to find the place where the dishwasher lay. Unfortuantely for me, the directions I had were limited to access from the Brooklyn bridge, which we were already well across. We got on 278 going the wrong way, for about 15 minutes, before the woman selling the dishwasher called me back. She informed us of the msitake, and we 180'd.

Around 8:30 we got to the dishwasher. It worked fine, except for the lack of a sink adapter (which, after a lot of seraching, I finally managed to track down from Whirlpool). In short, I payed around 200$, and enjoyed a lot of running around for a dishwasher that is not going to work for 7-10 business days =/. Still beats 500$ for a new one, I guess.

Overall, a sucessful venture. I am indebted to my brother for his aid in the endeavor.

In other news, chellez' momutt escaped bedroom confinement yesterday (he has been on a destructive romp of late) and attacked the trash, which contained a turkey carcass from the previous night's potluck escapades. As a result, he had some really rank gas all evening, an experience I would mch rather never experience again.

CT tomorrow, for a friend-filled fun Thanksgiving. Friday is post-tday bash at che Robinson north, and this weekend I need to tutor Richelle in Coldfusion and database stuffs.

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