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Quiz Time

Ten clues, ten famous people to identify. It really couldn't be easier, so away you go. Good luck, and have fun.

1. Iraqi statesman, born 1937, who has survived at least 12 assassination attempts.

2. American actress, born 1934, sister of Warren Beatty, she starred in the films "The Apartment" and "Sweet Charity".

3. Writer, born 1949, author of "The Rachel Papers", "London Fields" and "Experience".

4. British QC, born 1954, wife of a famous politician.

5. British film director, 1899-1980, his films include "The 39 Steps" and "The Lady Vanishes".

6. American poet, 1932-1963, her only novel was "The Bell Jar".

7. Orchestral conductor, born 1955, knighted in 1994, made his name with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

8. Deaf and blind American writer, 1880-1968, who refused to be discouraged by her disabilities.

9. Born 1944, Indian prime minister from 1984 to 1989, grandson of Nehru, assassinated at an election rally in 1991.

10. Lighthouse keeper's daughter, 1815-1842, famous for rescuing people from a shipwrecked steamer off the northeast
coast of England (she sounds lovable).

(I'll post answers in a while in the response thread)

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