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thus spake the crowds

Barring a massive influx of additional information the polls are in - and they tell me this:
Breakfast Day 1
An equal amount of people want pancakes as they do quick cerals and bars and bagels. As such, I will offer a smorgasbord of options. There will be pancakes offerred for those who wish to take it slowly and enjoy breakfast - there will be breakfast bars, a multipack of cold cereal, a dozen bagels w/ butter and cream cheese, and instant oatmeal/cream of wheat for those who want to scarf and slope. Pancake innards will double as cereal toppings, for those who are so inclined.

Dinner Day 1
Wide spread here, but I will be making stuffed entres with an assortment of sides. Appetizers will be as follows:
an assortment of crackers (ritz, triscut, and water cracker)
cheeses (sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, a colby/jack, and a swiss or jarlsberg)
apples (red and green)
and grapes (also red and green - seedless)

Main Course:
Tricolor salad (with mandarin oranges, and three varieties of dressing - balsamic vinigrette, ranch, and french)

Green Beans Almandine (green beans and almonds with bacon bits - fake bacon bits for veggies)

Cookie's Special Stuffed Pork Chops (a mix of sweet and spicy itallian sausage and vegetables in a butterfly-cut porkchop, breaded and baked, topped with melted mozzerella cheese)

OR (for those of the less carnivorous persuasion)

Cookie's Special Stuffed Peppers (Large whole peppers, stuffed with a wild rice mix and portabello mushrooms, onions, and with a hearty tomato-basil ragout, topped with melted mozzerella cheese)

Rosemary Red Potatoes (red potatoes, garlic and rosemary in a light bath of olive oil, slow roasted crisp)

Breakfast Day 2
There was an overwhelming call for traditional breakfast stuffs.

As a result - there will be copious piles of scrambled eggs, bacon, and jimmy dean sausage. There will also be a special addition of "magic hangover crescent rolls" - a recipie handed to me frommy friend Steve, who got it off the cousin of the girlfriend of the great-great-great-grandson of one of the three magi. It works about as well as most organized religions as far as intended purpose goes,with the caveat that even if they don't work right, they taste damn good.

Veggie folks will be treated to Morningstar Farms patties, and a couple magic hangover rolls made with the same.

As stated in the email, there will be coffee, tea, sugar, honey, cream, milk, and orange juice provided. I will probably also pick up a case of ghetto fab soda, for those who with to drink nonalchoholic for dinner. Anyone who wants to bring wine should have a good idea of what they are going to be eating to plan a type (I may bring a bottle meself).

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