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melllloooooo drama

welp, i am waiting for a cab to take me to a train so i can take a bus and be a rent-an-enforcer once again.


my old friend dana (who i have not seen in about 2 years, though we email and chat occasionally) just called me in tears from the starbucks in mt.kisco. her live in of 2 years (who is not on the lease) was "surprised" earlier today when dana got back from visiting her folks for xmas ~ 4 hours earleir than he thought she would. dana walked on on Rand with another woman. I don't know all the sordid details, but there was apparently a verbal and slightly physical altercation, which then led to her leaving the apartment and calling me. now i have to hike up there, meet her in mt kisco so we can get a ride from her friend BACk to the apartment.

if he is there, he has to go, and take his shit.

if he is not there, his shit needs to go, and locks are to be changed. supposedly the landlord knows about this, but doesn't want to change the locks until all his stuff is gone "because he might come back looking for trouble".

either way, this is gonna be a shot sat night - randy is such a dick. i kinda hope he IS there, part of me does, anyway.


why in fuck's name do I always get called when someone has problems moving out?

fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

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