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so i am home and alive

i didn't have to move too much stuff, but it was a nasty experience.

rand took thier bigscreen tv, and "thier" laptop (it was dana's from college apparently). he also took the stash of ~ 300$ in emergency money they kept around the apartment. he took most of his stuff, and what remained was thrown out the window bag by bag, then hauled half a block away to le dumpster.

apparently i got called because dana's other friends are all friends of rands now, and she was uneasy about asking them to get involved. he is supposedly staying at the new girl's place, as per note left in the bedroom. i advised against vendetta revenge hunting, but advised for filling out a police report re: tv, $, and laptop, in case this becomes a court thing. i don't think it will though, dana is too flaky to follow through with soemthing like that. locks were changed, and i suggested dropping the landline and getting a new cellphone. i think dana's lifestyle is gonna change somewhat without the double income, but i don't think rand made all that much anyhow - he is a wage slave at one of the local grocery stores, though I am not sure which one.

I got a ride home from this kid justin, and his g/f sloane, who i remember vaugely across the haze of years, but who has changed nearly as much as i have from my active renfaire days. it was sort of a nauseating jab in the belly as the nostalgia was concerned.

talk about a downer evening - i am beat. at least i managed to get shit tossed out the window instead of walking up and down stairs all evening - ugh. i am glad i didn't need to smush anyone's melon, but it sure woulda been a good frustration outlet. it sucks when people are hurting and you can't do anything about it.

in other news chellez seems to be having a really bad night. i love her somethin fierce, and am missin her right now, especially in the midst of all this bad-breakup pea soup i was just tossed into the middle of. send good vibes her way if ya have the time, i am sure she would 'precaite it. she is up visiting her dad right now, and i get the feeling it is kinda tearing her up a lil.

i'm gonna go eat me some lasagna, and give my feet a rest.

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