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i have the excuse not to get my taxes in on time this year already!

One word and a number - doom 3

in other news, i had a productive and soemwhat eventful weekend. I missed a major rondevous for which I will have to make amends, but such is life in the big city (as they say). most of my angst has washed away, and has been replaced with the smooth custard of lethargy which i feel as if i am immersed in every day when i walk into my office.

I did not get a chance to meet up with murnkay or mightywombat this weekend - i hope to do so before wombat flies back to the southern reaches.

chellez is home as of today - i am sure she will enjoy her week off.

i need some sleep - i dreamt a 5 hour play in iambic pentamater last night - it was intellectually stunning (i never realized i had that capacity for linguistic patterning), but the plot was super distrubing, as was the cast. i could not escape either the meter no matter what I did - it was like my heartbeat in my ears everytime i went back to sleep. I would wake up for 20 minutes, then end up falling back asleep, only to pick up where the dream left off. that rarely happens to me.

i woke up tired - feels like i read all night (which i probably should have jsut done after i woke up the first time, instead of fighting it).

yeah, deadline looming - lots of people are writing about resolutions, so i will hop on the bandwagon:

i need to write more and play fewer games
i need to loose some weight
i need to save some mad loot

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