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good ones - too bad LOL is out, since FOX just adopted it (morons)

The 2004 list of words that should be banished for "misuse, overuse and general uselessness," according to Lake Superior State University:

Metrosexual: An urban male who pays a great deal of attention to appearance.
X: As in "X-Files," Xtreme, Windows XP (news - web sites) and X-Box.
Punked: To dupe, popularized by the MTV show "Punk'd."
Place Stamp Here: Printed on return envelopes.
Companion animals: Also known as pets.
Bling or Bling-Bling: Flashy jewelry.
LOL: E-mail speak for "laugh out loud."
Embedded Journalist.
Smoking Gun.
Shock and Awe.
Captured Alive.
Shots Rang Out.
Ripped From the Headlines.
Sweat Like a Pig: The problem is pigs don't sweat.
In Harm's Way.
Hand-Crafted Latte.
Sanitary Landfill: Also known as a dump.

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