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sweet lawdy lawd

I just did a lot of cooking.

This weekend (starting Thursday night) was kinda blah. It as extended, partly due to lack of sleep caused by an ailing friend who got in from out of town around 12:30 Friday morning, partly due to situations beyond my control. Chellez was sick and stressed out after her brush with some freaks. If I ever see that car, they better be going fast in another direction.

Friday morning was harrying indeed, with said friend wanting a kind of solace I refused to offer. Marital and substance abuse problems were the soups d’jour, and conversation soon turned to argument after specific requests were made. Strong words were fast followed by threats of violence at my unwillingness to bend on my beliefs, or the actions that would not be allowed due to those beliefs. For the fist time in many years, I came very close to having a violent physical altercation with someone I call a friend. Luckily, it did not come to that, since I had some aces left unplayed, but that is most probably the most uncomfortable I have been in a long time. Ultimately, the anger and animosity were ground away by beer and exhaustion (not on my part), and said friend crashed. The friendship will never have the same feeling again, I can safely say. Furthermore, the spouse of said friend, I am pretty sure, more or less hates me. I got 0 sleep. Instead I read King’s "Wolves of Calla" which I must return to the library tomorrow if I am not going to be otherwise engaged. Review later in the week, if I get to it.

Saturday was cold. It has been a long time since the air hurt the inside of my nose. I loved it. Sadly, I did not go out too much, but rather kept busy whilst recuperating from a rather emotionally draining and sleep deprived 48 hours. It was my mother’s birthday Saturday - I sent her flowers (which got me in trouble, but not dead), but did not end up doing dinner - it was cancelled due to flu quarantine. I bought a whole mess of books off my wish list, but did so keeping strictly to secondhand purchases, and keeping those under 5$. I still probably spent more than I should have, but at least I will be able to get through a good chunk of reading soon. Had a good online conversation with murnkayabout writing, rome, weather, politics, cars, anti-heroes, and books (not necessarily in that order). I was sad that I didn’t meet up, but will do so in two weeks hence - so it has been written.

Sunday brought shopping at Costco. Unfortunately, Chellez was migraine-ridden, and feverish with flu. My dad picked me up, and we ambled around Home Depot for a while looking for greenhouse making materials, and other items of mass distraction. bruteforcemethd met up with us shortly thereafter. We then did an hour and a half of marathon shopping. He and I landed the sweet spot of the shopping list at right about where I wanted budget wise. Thursday will bring the last of the shopping for the vegetarians, and then the big pack before the Friday evening departure.

I then went to work in Armonk, finishing Phase I of a protracted project I have been toiling at for some time. Phase II will be, undoubtedly, more annoying, yet shorter in planning and execution. For that, I am thankful. From a 3 hour jaunt at work, I then went back to my folks place. I reworked the wireless lan so that my father’s hopelessly paranoid VPN software would allow his wireless NIC to recognize the network, and did some patching and updating.

My dad was nice enough to give me a ride home, instead of leaving me in train land. It was most appreciated. I must say, looking back over my shoulder 10 years, I would have never thought I would have the kind of relationship with my dad I do today.

After I got home, I did lots of work on a big ol application I got to demo tomorrow (which is what I should be working on now, but I am too pooped to party). I worked until ~2, at which point, I was much as the esteemed Mel Brooks described in The Muppet Movie... (would you believe that I just spent 10 minutes looking for a wav of Brooks saying "His brains will turn to guacamole!"? Worse, do you believe it was not to be found, ANYWHERE! Sheesh.)

Today was a music day at work, which was good, because I was productive. It was, however, also 84-89 degrees most of the day in my office. I really hate the climate control in my office, although the two women I work with (neither of whom were there) love it when it gets all warm, since they are small specimens with no threshold for cooler temperatures.

Oh yeah, before I forget, shameless plug for the g/f’s Scribbling Dojo. Though best enjoyed with a group of people, it can be rather entertaining even solo. We have had much fun defacing random web images, as well as the greats of art history.

Sadly (or perhaps not) I can report that Washington Heights is still Washington Heights, and no, I will not be moving there anytime soon. I went after work to scope a potential apartment lead. That being diceless, I took the train back to The Mount of Vernons, where I met chellez. We got laundry, and did a fast (but expensive) grocery run.

I then came home, and prepared the central entrée for the main dinner course for the the upcoming ski trip. Started cooking just before 8, finished about 15 minutes ago. I made ~6 lbs of stuffing (by my reckoning) for a 8.9 lb pork loin (which was split in twain for easier stuffing and tying). If anyone cares, I will offer the recipe, but fuck if I am going to type all that work out now if none of y’all care. I also made a meatloaf for dinner, and some super fast mashed taters at the request of Chellez (I was so busy, I forgot about side dishes).

So my fridge and freezer now look like paused tetris games, right before that last shape dropped, and knocked your shit out of the running. I have signifigantly cut my prep time in PA when I go to make dinner, which is nice. Furthermore, I have assured quality preparation by doing it in my own kitchen.

Hooray for planning ahead.

I think I am going to go play video games for a few, before I collapse into a moldering heap.

Sweet dreams y’all.

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