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a pleasant exchange

[08:54] caracarn : mornin
[08:55] timaeusdaspirge : so it is
[08:55] timaeusdaspirge : man, i've got a railroad spike in my esophagus
[08:58] caracarn : you should stop eating railroad spikes
[08:59] caracarn : or at least grease them before you swallow
[08:59] caracarn : they hold the train tracks down though, you really shouldn't be eating them
[08:59] caracarn : unless you buy them at a hardware store or soemthing, then i guess it is ok
[08:59] timaeusdaspirge : see, that's why we keep you around - all these good ideas
[08:59] caracarn : actually, i think you keep me around because you haven't figured out how to get rid of me yet
[09:00] timaeusdaspirge : that too :-p

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