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working on the weekend sucks

So, I got some last minute crap at work yesterday that I said I'd look at over the weekend. Now it turns out that the woman who wants the changes is requesting something I suggested to begin with, and now is making me look like I have a bug in my system because I didn't "Impliment her suggestions from the start of the project."

Fucking people suck.

I saw "One Hour Photo" last night. Tim and Rich both seemed to think it sucked. I saw it as a film, not a movie. Thats one thing I hate about Americans. For the most part, the population of this country wants to spend 10$ for 2 hours of cinematic jerking off. Even as we were leaving OHF, Rich was bemoaning the fact that if we had seen the movie with Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas, we could have at least watched her kick some ass. Now I am not proporting to be a complete highbrow snob here. I like the stooges, and Mel Brooks. I like the occasional gratitous violence flik (although I am generally fast to point out all the errors/problems the physics/unlikely circumstances they portray create). I do, however, have a clear deliniation in my mind between films and movies.

Movies are a waste of time. Its blowing money to spend some time being entertained, and hopefully enjoying it. A film is not something you always enjoy. Some times you do... sometimes you walk away changed... Most of the time, you end up somber, reflective, and looking at your life a different way. Thats the difference between all the 6.95$ paperback bullshit for sale at a bus stop and the few literary greats out there. Its the difference between a billboard and a Picasso. One is commercial smut, whose only intent is to draw i ncome for the smut's progenitor, the other is there because someone was struck by a creative urge.

OHF was a film. It was powerful. Robin Williams did some of his best acting in it (I think) since "Dead Poets". See it. Don't expect a lot of laughs, or to enjoy the two hours in the stands, but be prepared to watch an actor draw you into a world of lonliness, despair, obsession and tragedy.

Back to my anoying application.

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