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Weekend Update

So yeah, three days of adventure..

Friday morning's commute was fairly uneventful (albiet packed). I did get some neat pics of the hudson river frozen up though.

Work really seemed to drag Friday, but I think that was mostly due to the window hijynx. Once the whistle blew, I set off for home. twirlygurl and grimbil picked up the rented SUV, and idchild and timaeusdaspirge, along with my bro all got to my place sooner than expected. Cars were loaded, keys were exchanged, and we decided to caravan out together (2 cars), since approxamately 1/3rd of us knew where we were going (and I would daresay 1/6th was fairly unsure).

Vodka was purchased, as well as gas, and fast food, and then it was off to the highways. Traffic was refreshingly light, and, despite a minor detour when car 2 managed to get lost on I-80 West, we made it to the cabin unscathed.

Unpacking was brief, due mostly to the many helping hands of everyone already there. I got the kitchen in order, and some light festivities were enjoyed, but it was early to bed for most, as slopes were to be hit early sat morn.

Sweet shit, did I cook on Saturday.

I got up ~ 7 to get everything prepped for oncoming crowds. I realized I had managed to forget 2 fairly crucial foodstuffs (fresh fruit for waffles, and peppers for later in the evening), but got everything else unpacked and arranged smoothly. There were bagels, cereals (warm and cold), waffles, breakfast bars, and a wide assortment of other odds and ends.

The exodus occured in two waves. By around 10am, everyone going was out on the slopes. idchild was nice enough to run me to the local provisions post, where things I had forgotten were purchased, and things I hadn't even thought of (see - Klondike bars) were purchased.

Upon returning to the house, I did all the prep-cooking I could muster. I made stuffing for peppers, stuffed them, cut potatoes (with some assistance) I finished around two, then started a foray into the terrors of the octodog (site coming soon)!

After lunch, I watched idchild nearly beat Panzer Dragoon Orta, then read a bit, while I lounged in the jacuzzi tub that was in the bedroom chellez and I had claimed.

I had a couple drinks, timaeusdasperge and i played a little bit of Dynasty Warriors 4 (wuite possibly the best game I have played for Xbox, making Gladius a now distant second). idchild went to nap, and I started getting hyped up for a 7pm mealtime.

Everyone rolled in around the time I figured they would. Sounds like everyone had a great day on the snow. Cheese, crackers, and fruits were nibbled on while the roasts roasted, and the potatoes baked. There was the sharing of some fermented sugar cane a la Brazil, as well as my superdooper port.

Everyone seemed to like the food - there was surprisingly little left, considering how much was brought. Unfortunately, I, being an idiot, forgot to take out the salad.

Oh well.

Saturday night was much fun. Did some hot-tubbin, and played a bit more of Dynasty Warriors. Did I mention that was a great game?

Sunday was another early morn, bacon, 20-odd eggs, some waffles, sausage, and hangover cures. Not many people were hung over, but most seemed to enjoy the cures anyhow. We cleaned and evacced pretty fast, only to drive out into the middle of the snow. That made for some slow going on the return. grimbil is such the man for driving through that shit.

Got home Sunday afternoon, got the minimals unpacked, then chellez caught some z's while I finished my book. I need to catch up on revewing this week.


Anyhow, yesterday was sorta a lost day. Despite it being a freebie, I worked most of the afternoon. Two noteable anecdotes though -

Chellez lost her debit card somewhere on the slopes. We called and reported it lost, and they cancelled both cards! Good move lameos. I went to the "local" branch by work today, and got a temp card. They will have my real one next-day aired to the branch tonite, so I can get it tomorrow.

But now I have to memorize a new set of numbers! Bastards, I was all set with my memorized digits until October 05!

The other noteable thing was us watching Night on Earth. I love that movie so much. Watch it if you have not.

Oh yeah, I posted pics from the weekend here.

Gotta say, one pic really captures the essence of the weekend's fun for me:

Tomorrow is grimbil's b-day! We are going to celebrate by gorging on the fatted calf tonite! Make sure to send him some well-wishes.

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