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The time has come! (apologies)

To talk of many things:
Of moves--and cars--and occupancy dates--
Of peniless--and change--
Of lease mistakes--and leasing breaks--
And Manhattan in the breeze--

So, my long radio silence explained in one word: stress.

Signed a lease today. Moving to the city.
Landlord's reaction to lease break, firsthand: unknown.
Landlord's reaction to lease break, secondhand: not good.

Them there's some big changes on the horizon. I hope we made the right decision(s). I am going to be divesting myself of quite a voluminous amount of random stuff (whatever I cannot sell) in an attempt to make the move more possible.

Our lease starts March 1.

The apartment is a big 3bedroom that is going to be gut-rennovated, so it is a real steal for 1350$ a month. I just wish I had more reassurance about what my current landlord's plans ential. I really tried to do the stand up thing with my notice letter, but I have this fear that things are not going to work out cordially in that arena.

Our new realty office kicks ass though. They were super-helpful. They are called Vertical Horizions, they operate out of a modest office on 1790 99th street on 3rd ave. If you are looking for an apartment in the UES of Manhattan, call them.

Work, both 9-5, and work-after-work has been stressing me more than usual, it is not helping with the other stuff. I just hope that in a month, I am looking back at all this pressure with amused nostalgia.

Donations of funds or labor to me and chellez "Get your ass to mars" drive are now being accepted.

Book reviews this week, or never again.

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