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I play my music in the sun

So I just got through making it very clear that it was not at all easy to block Bittorrent across our network to someone who wanted to make it work. I read a white paper about it after last defcon, and it has evoolved much the way I expected it would. Good stuff, I might even start hosting my own torrents, who knows?

MS got caught with thier pants down - this is ironic, considering how small a deal it actually is, yet what a potential risk it exposes the company to if it were more than 4% of the code. I'd be happier if it were not just another targeted anti MS activity - that was what I loved about MyDoom - it stuck it to SCO for being such whining money grubbers.

Everyone, by now, has probably heard about the gay marraige thing in CA, but how many have talked about Kerry's stance on the matter? Bush is not being commited to backing the constitutional ban, but most think that he will. What drives me insane, like the whole JJ halftime bs, this is getting WAY too much press, when things like, oh, say, the fact that the majority now believe that Bush lied to get us into war, and that the public's confidence in the leader of the country has hit an all time low.

I wish people would just stop over obsessing who fucks who.

In other news, I WILL do my book reviews this weekend. I know I said never, but I really want to get them off my chest!

People are giving off some wierd vibes, must be that whole friday the 13th thing. Wherever you are, tonight, stay away from lakes that bubble.

this one is for zerogenius

That is all.

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