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today is a day where it would have been better to just not read what was going on.
the president of macedonia is dead
the brits spied on the un
oop... chellez just hit me with the first good news of the day.

two things hit today which really bug me.
first off gibson's film started up. i am interested in seeing it, for linguistic and artistic reasons, but, at the same time, i hesitant to offer financial support - maybe i'll just download it. fuck, i mean, it apparently already killed someone.

secondly howard stern has been taken to the woodshed.

let me start by saying that i am not a stern fan. i was an imus kid, and i think stern is pretty tired, honestly. i know a lot of people who like him - no beef.

however, the "revised standards" which are keeping him off the air are part of the post superbowl witch hunt that everyone concerned with "family values" has been participating in since a boob got onto prime time.

oh yeah, and that whole gay marriage thing... that fits right in here. this all ties together to make a nice bow tacked on by the president who not only fucks the constitution in an eye socket, but now wants to amend it to make sure noone fucks it in the pooper.

i am so enraged at the media bobbleheads which were calling for the ultimate censure for janet's nudity, are now suggesting that gibson's movie, which is acclaimed so violent it causes one to flinch from the screen "might be appropriate for children 11 and older, use your discretion". i am so pissed that this shit gets airtime, when we have wartime combatants malingering in jail while a special interest war continues, and the environment rots to hell.

are these the 11 year olds that should see this movie the same ones that were hopelessly traumatized by boobage? the same ones whose soft minds are being pulped by stern's idiocy?

why are snuff films ok when they are about a godhead?
fuck - i am angry... i am going to go make some tea.

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