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Tae Pa brand napkin make happy faces!

So, I walked to work today for the first time in a decade. Made it in about 20 minutes too - not to shabby for a lardass commuter.

The move went better than I could have hoped for - our moving co (Joshua Movers) not only saved our bacon after the idiocy antics of last week, but they managed to get us moved more quickly than any other move I have ever made. Furthermore their dispatcher was extremely polite and friendly, going well above-and-beyond to get us what we needed.

Yeah, so enough plugging.

The apartment is great - the kitchen and bathrooms are going to be tight until some extra shelving can be procured, but other
than that things are wonderful. Send good vibes to chellez though, who is at the doc right now trying to treat the plague that brought her low through the stress, wear and tear of our move.

Now, to unpacking - and housewarming plans!

In other news, LOTR kicked major ass at the Oscars last night. I am not an Academy kinda guy, in fact, I pretty much dislike Hollywood culture, despite liking some of the things it produces - less so in recent years than younger ones though. It did my heart good though, to see a geek flick finally win over the stupid judges.

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