October 8th, 2002

Steam Escaping!

Good Samaritan?

I am nearly positive I got taken for 20$ today.

I was walking home from the train, and was stopped by a very pleasant black man with a train schedule, who looked like he wasn't quite sure where he was going. I had my headphones on, but paused to talk to him, assuming he just needed directions. He proceeded to spin a tale of lost wallets, no way to get home (home apparently was way up in Poughkeepsie) and tales of his job as a chef for IBM. He even had a uniform, albiet it did not have his name on it, and it looked somewhat ill used. But hey, maybe thats what a chef would look like. I may call IBM anyway to find out.

He was a nice guy. He needed directions, and train fare.

Train fare, however, was like 16$, so I ended up giving him a 20.

I didn't have to, I could have told him where the train was, and said I didn't have the cash to help him out. I have been taken by a scam man with a similar story (about Brewster) once before, but I always seem to figure that if it were me on the other side of the street, could I depend on some random act of kindness to get me home.

I personally hope the guy wasn't lying, although I assume he was. If he used my money to buy shit other than transportation, I hope he chokes or OD's on it.

Karma is one of those things I truly hope influences life in more than a philisophical manner.
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Steam Escaping!

Props to G...Richelle Misquoted


Remember the story of the 3 little pigs
One played a pipe and the other danced gigs
The 3 little pigs are still around
But are playing music with the modern sound
3 little pigs were in the groove
Everything was running smooth
The pigs were due for a big surprise
For the wolf appeared with red rimmed eyes
Oo you cool, oo you cool, oo you cool man cool
Well sho he was friendly he shook their hands
Announced he was joining up with the band
Instead of starting an argument
A 1 and a 2 and away they went
The 3 little pigs were really gassed
They’d never heard such a corny blast
We’ve played in the west
We’ve played in the east
We’ve heard the most, but you’re the least
Well the big bad wolf was really mad
He wanted to play music and wanted to play bad
They stopped me before I could go to town
so I’ll huff and puff and blow their house down
The house of straw was blown away
The pigs had to find another place to play
Dew Drop Inn the house of sticks
3 little pigs were giving out licks
Well the piano playing pig was swinging like a gate
Doing the Libarace on the 88
(I wish my brother George was here)
The 3 little pigs were having a ball
When the big bad wolf he entered the hall
The big bad wolf he sat right down
C’mon cats we’re going to town
From the crowd came an angry shout
Stop the music throw the square out
the Big Bad Wolf was really sore
If they’re going to get tough I’ll give them more
They don’t know talent in this here town
I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow the place down
Dew Drop Inn did drop down
The 3 little pigs crawled out of the rubble
This big bad wolf gives us nothing but trouble
We won’t be bothered by his windy tricks
The next place we play must be made of bricks
Sturdy place this house of bricks
Built in 1776
High class place with the high class crowd
Sign on the door no wolves allowed
The wolf was sore and fit to be tied
He was sworn and determined to get inside
He huffed and puffed at the house of bricks
But the bricks are stronger than straw or sticks
He huffed and puffed and bleeped and blooped
And at 10:00 was completely pooped
When all of the sudden came a ray of hope
I could disguise myself, boy what a dope
Well the big bad wolf took it all in stride
He figured out the way to get inside
I’ll show those pigs that I’m not stuck
If I can’t blow it down I’ll blow it up
Well the big bad wolf was really gone
And with him went his corny horn
Went out of this world with out a trace
Didn’t go to heaven it was the other place
The big bad wolf he learned the rule
You’ve got to get hot to play real cool
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